Monday, July 11, 2011

Mail! (haul from far ago)

About a couple weeks ago i ordered stuff online for nail art and i just been sitting here waiting while buying polishes on the side and on Saturday or Friday they came in but when i went to check the mail i had gotten my slips and was all excited and walked over to the office and it was closed. you can imagine my face....(Kicks and screams like a little girl)...i was calm and walked out and off to work like a sad puppy. So i told myself i could wait but reality i couldn' WAS MY NAIL STUFF!!!!
Anyways i woke up bright and early and went this morning and to my surprise it was the stuff i was sooooooo excited for:)!! you wanna see?!?! OK OK I'll show you!!

OK! we start with the simple dotting PENS!!!!! i could not wait for these buggers!! and i didn't realize how tiny they were but i don't care i love them!!
This was a set i hand my finger hovering over the keyboard to get or not to get. I didn't click yes til i saw a YouTube video on how to do a proper fade of glitter with sponge and she had them and i was like well now i have to so here they are:) all 24 of them:)
OK! this set is redic!! so originally i technically already have this just in a different form. Ya Ya i know. it was eBay so it was hella cheap so don't judge. Here is the thing. When i saw the lady from the post office bring out my BOXES yes BOXES i was like oh they must be individually wrapped or boxed for them to come in two boxes......the kicker......I got two sets of these beezies!!! so you see 20 here and i got another 20. I don't think that was in the purchase agreement but i paid super cheap so why not. I don't know what i will do with them yet but for now I'm pretty pumped. I love the glitter combos!! Who knows maybe i may save them for when i get 100 followers to giveaway :). We shall see.

*Its just another picture of the art pens with out flash

So there you have it! everything you go in the mail today. I'm still waiting on three more things from eBay and one box from sally's beauty supply. Now the hard part choosing what to do!!! with my nails and my twin set!!
The cool thing about these art pens. Both 2 different sets are two way pens so the two sets (I'm not talking about the twin sets the two totally different looking ones) are a pen like the sally Hansen's nail art pens and the other side when you unscrew them is a tiny brush for art so its pretty neat. i think i may save it for a giveaway. i really don't need two twins when i got another one that's pretty identical.....idk ill have to see.:)

Thanks for reading:)


thenailaholic said...

That's one helluva package! Jealous! I just ordered my dotting tools from Born Pretty last week. I can't wait to use them!

Liz'sPinkNails said...

ya thats where i got mine! haha they are so neat i just cant wait to play with them more!might do it tmr because i got inspired at work haha