Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long Overdue post:(

Ok this post it Way over due but With work lately we been having issues with product and pricing due to the big wigs! and my schedule was crazy because of it. And also Because Harry Potter came out i was forced to watch it. Do hate on me i did like the movie its just a lot of issues came with going to the premiere i didnt go to. All the excitement really ruined it for me so i dont get as crazy.
Anyways!! i did this Mani after the Hello Kitty Mani and because i didnt have time i still am wearing it. Im still trying to recover from a crazy week so hopefully i get to change it but i did a simple Mani.
As you may remember i got a Matte Topcoat from Ulta and i couldn't wait to use it. so what else to do that add a solid base with a glitter top followed with a matte finish:). Here it is:)

On a Side note....HAVE YOU NOTICED MY NEW Watermark!??!!??!
Awesome:) well ill Next Time:)

STOLEN CONTENT! (Re-blogged)

This is information from one of my followers, The Nailaholic, that i believe is very important! PLEASE READ!!!


Alright ladies there is another blog thief on the loose! She is stealing not only pictures but ENTIRE posts! I don't know what she's trying to get at, they are all clearly from different bloggers and some even have watermarks left on them! So, I'm asking for you to spread the word and flag the blog. Her address is below. Thanks so much!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Good Evening Followers!!

First and foremost, I Want to say welcome to all my newest followers! You guys are awesome! and to my First couple followers Thank you for being so loyal! I love the support because it keeps me excited to come home to Do and Mani to share with you guys!! I love it!
Second, I just added a new page to my Blog. This is for Giveaways! No directly lease not yet....but soon. These giveaways are from other bloggers i follow and find. I want to share them with you because i don't like to be selfish and not ha ha:). (Plus i get a extra entry when i do ;)). But i hope you guys can enter to win some cool stuff. This page will also Host mine when i do have them. NO WORRIES!! i will update that page so old ones don't show! ha:)
Well until Next time:)
Love ya all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kardashian's OPI Line coming Soon!!!

Here it is!!!! There are some cute ones but i figured ill just get them all so i got a while to save so i will:) Cant wait!!!!

Mail/ Ulta Haul

Gosh i know im crazy! i needed a couple of things from Ulta and i was trying to find a Matte top coat, which i did. So i got a couple other things because i couldnt resist and on top of that my Sallys Beauty Supply Box came today! So polishes i Bought online are here!! and ready to show so lets get started!!

*Left to Right:Finger Paint's "Peaceful Purple", "Primary Colors", "All you need is color", Sally Girl's "Color So Disco", "So 70's", And "Chunky Pink Glitter". Also my Beauty Club Card

So i also ordered the China Glaze polish you will see at the bottom. I just realized it wasnt in the picture hen it came to posting this ha. So i ordered this sometime last week and i waited all day for it to come via UPS! The finger paint polishes were on sale for buy 2 get 1 free and each were on sale for $1.99 so i got a deal. The Sally girls were on clearance for $.94 I believe. I also got the Beauty club Card which gives you items for a lower price which i love. the China glaze was i believe $1.99 but i could be wrong.

*Left to Right:Essie"Matte About you", OPI "Funky Dunkey" , Pixel "Oh Parden Me!!", and "Blue Ray Baby"

So i went in to get the Matte was disappointed in the price but oh well. The Pixel Was on sale for $1.99 (dont know why i thought it was called Pixie). and the opi was on clearance with other one...which i wish i could have gotten:(

*China Glaze "Flying Dragon (neon)"

So ya idk if ill be buying any polish for a while....i may but idk it will have to be bought by coupons:) but its ok. I need to play with the new polishes i have before i can buy new:) and i have to build another shelve now haha. But i need to save for all the Kardasian's OPI line cuz i love all of them!!! if you haven't seen them fear!! Im going to post it next:)

Fellow Blogger Giveaway!

Hey Guys here is a really cool giveaway i thought I'd Share with you guys! I follow the Blogger and she has a neat sight and she has this up for a giveaway so go check it out there is more pictures to look at

you should be able to click the picture and it should lead you there:) tell me if you have a issue:)

Hello Kitty W/o The Kitty:(

OK so at my work we sell Hello Kitty stuff which i love a lot. I was inspired to do a Hello Kitty looks but i was having issues with the plate so i didn't do it:( Well i did everything else but not the Hello Kitty stamp that i wanted. And Since it is WEDNESDAY!! ha ha I'm happy that it was Pink!
One thing i noticed that the camera doesn't do the Cream Pink Sinful Colors Polish Justice:( I was disappointed because this is my favorite pink i have and my camera is ruining it. Also I'm posting what i got my inspiration from:) so Enjoy!
First off i have to show the "Cream Pink" i used so you get a idea on what it looks like:).
I was trying to find the lunchbox we had at work online so i could do that one but i couldn't find it but i found this notebook which was better:). I may have to by another tin Lunch box with Hello Kitty on it ;)
I drew the Bows, the right hand came out bad so happy my left came out good:)
Hope you enjoyed it:) And Happy Pink Wednesdays:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can You Say Minnie Mouse?!

One of my biggest supporters in my life happens to be a lady who goes by the name Maggie or what i call her mommy:). My mother loves the fact that I'm so creative and just like her. My mom is a Full time Nurse at a Nursing home for the elderly, and i have to say she loves her job! She loves that she gets to bring a smile to her patients when they look so down. She loves her job and they sure love her. Homemade cookies like everyday. So my mom may be a nurse by day but she is a professional cake decorator by night. No she doesn't do fondant but she does it old school with frosting. Even now that I'm older, i still get impressed by her mad art skills with frosting. Ill show pictures of her work when she is making a special cake to show you what i mean:).
This post is about my mom because with working all day, being a mother, and a wife she deserves to be papered so today, before i was going to do my Mani, I gave my beautiful mother a Mani. She loves Disney stuff so i decided a Minnie Mouse inspired design would do. I do apologize because the pics didn't come out as good as i hoped but you will get the just of it:)

As you can see a black bow with a rhinestone not and white polka dots on red polish:)
Hope you enjoy:)

*Polishes used: Wet n wild's "Red","french white", and Sally Hansen's Black nail art pen.

Sally Wild!

Here it is ladies!! My Monday Mani! its simple and i wanted something so i can use some of my new polishes and at lease one of new art pens:)

*Sally Hansen's "Posh Plum", Nail Art Pen, and Wet n' Wild's "Party of Five Glitters"

My tape to show you what i used :)

So the pen glitter line is not too straight but i still liked it. This was a simple Mani so i hope you guys liked it. I got raves from it at work. Hope you guys enjoyed this. i am still wearing this one because I'm going to research a particular design for my next Mani:)
until then.....

thanks for reading:)

Posh Plum

OK so i wanted to show....well i HAD to show you guys this color before i showed the Mani i did yesterday because this is just too gorgeous. This is Sally Hansen's "Posh Plum". This polish my mom stole from my room when i didn't even get to try it yet. they only reason how i found out was i looked at her nails and I'm like "wow mom that's a pretty color where did you get that?" i didn't assume it was mine because my mom is a nurse at a nursing home and the ladies and my mom do makeup days so they do their makeup and nails and act like models so i thought it was from there...but took my polish. So ya! here it is it deserved its own blog post:)...Posh Plum!!

So i hope you enjoyed it:) leave a comment:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Where is MY USB CORD!!!!!!???????

So remember me telling you all about how my camera i normally use to take pics with died.....well the batteries did.....and now I'm stuck with my Samsung....well here is the thing.
This morning after taking pics of my mail haul post i failed to return my SD card back to my camera and when i was taking pictures of my Mani of the day, i realized it wasn't in there:(. All my Today Mani pics are in there and now i cant find my USB cord to my camera so i can plug it in my computer.....eventually ill find it i actually think i have a backup one but i need to get it and I'm pretty tired right now so i may have to post today's blog tmr:(
So before i say good night i was to apologize for a fail to post today:(
night friends

Mail! (haul from far ago)

About a couple weeks ago i ordered stuff online for nail art and i just been sitting here waiting while buying polishes on the side and on Saturday or Friday they came in but when i went to check the mail i had gotten my slips and was all excited and walked over to the office and it was closed. you can imagine my face....(Kicks and screams like a little girl)...i was calm and walked out and off to work like a sad puppy. So i told myself i could wait but reality i couldn' WAS MY NAIL STUFF!!!!
Anyways i woke up bright and early and went this morning and to my surprise it was the stuff i was sooooooo excited for:)!! you wanna see?!?! OK OK I'll show you!!

OK! we start with the simple dotting PENS!!!!! i could not wait for these buggers!! and i didn't realize how tiny they were but i don't care i love them!!
This was a set i hand my finger hovering over the keyboard to get or not to get. I didn't click yes til i saw a YouTube video on how to do a proper fade of glitter with sponge and she had them and i was like well now i have to so here they are:) all 24 of them:)
OK! this set is redic!! so originally i technically already have this just in a different form. Ya Ya i know. it was eBay so it was hella cheap so don't judge. Here is the thing. When i saw the lady from the post office bring out my BOXES yes BOXES i was like oh they must be individually wrapped or boxed for them to come in two boxes......the kicker......I got two sets of these beezies!!! so you see 20 here and i got another 20. I don't think that was in the purchase agreement but i paid super cheap so why not. I don't know what i will do with them yet but for now I'm pretty pumped. I love the glitter combos!! Who knows maybe i may save them for when i get 100 followers to giveaway :). We shall see.

*Its just another picture of the art pens with out flash

So there you have it! everything you go in the mail today. I'm still waiting on three more things from eBay and one box from sally's beauty supply. Now the hard part choosing what to do!!! with my nails and my twin set!!
The cool thing about these art pens. Both 2 different sets are two way pens so the two sets (I'm not talking about the twin sets the two totally different looking ones) are a pen like the sally Hansen's nail art pens and the other side when you unscrew them is a tiny brush for art so its pretty neat. i think i may save it for a giveaway. i really don't need two twins when i got another one that's pretty identical.....idk ill have to see.:)

Thanks for reading:)