Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mail/ Ulta Haul

Gosh i know im crazy! i needed a couple of things from Ulta and i was trying to find a Matte top coat, which i did. So i got a couple other things because i couldnt resist and on top of that my Sallys Beauty Supply Box came today! So polishes i Bought online are here!! and ready to show so lets get started!!

*Left to Right:Finger Paint's "Peaceful Purple", "Primary Colors", "All you need is color", Sally Girl's "Color So Disco", "So 70's", And "Chunky Pink Glitter". Also my Beauty Club Card

So i also ordered the China Glaze polish you will see at the bottom. I just realized it wasnt in the picture hen it came to posting this ha. So i ordered this sometime last week and i waited all day for it to come via UPS! The finger paint polishes were on sale for buy 2 get 1 free and each were on sale for $1.99 so i got a deal. The Sally girls were on clearance for $.94 I believe. I also got the Beauty club Card which gives you items for a lower price which i love. the China glaze was i believe $1.99 but i could be wrong.

*Left to Right:Essie"Matte About you", OPI "Funky Dunkey" , Pixel "Oh Parden Me!!", and "Blue Ray Baby"

So i went in to get the Matte was disappointed in the price but oh well. The Pixel Was on sale for $1.99 (dont know why i thought it was called Pixie). and the opi was on clearance with other one...which i wish i could have gotten:(

*China Glaze "Flying Dragon (neon)"

So ya idk if ill be buying any polish for a while....i may but idk it will have to be bought by coupons:) but its ok. I need to play with the new polishes i have before i can buy new:) and i have to build another shelve now haha. But i need to save for all the Kardasian's OPI line cuz i love all of them!!! if you haven't seen them fear!! Im going to post it next:)

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