Friday, July 22, 2011

Calm to Wild!!!

I have a couple things i want to say before i discus this Swatch/ Mani.

First: I want to say Welcome to the newest followers:). I noticed my numbers got a little bigger and that just makes me smile so much more:). Thank you and i hope you guys are enjoying the Post:).

Second: I want to apologize. I been super slacking on my Mani post but if I'm not working its ish going down at home. My family and i are going to be moving soon in September because we want a home and this house we live in now is just rent and was just temporary. so looking for a house and getting them bills paid have put a lot on my plate But I'm trying to bring you post too look at. So thank you for your patients:)

So enough with the rambling. To the MANI!!!!! OK so i did do a design on this Swatch you will be seeing but i loved this polish so much i had to share it separately. This is the Claire's Mood Changing Polish "Calm/ Wild". Its so gorgeous and the changing effect i loved the most because as you can see in the pictures the tips make like a french fade which i was all goo goo over because its so amazing how it changes!!! Later i tried adding ice to some of my nails to show you the purple because the water here is cold for like 5 sec then it gets hot. What do you expect from Arizona! :( so hott!!. So i hope you enjoy this Swatch as much as me:)

So i hope you like it and tmr ill show the Mani i did with this Swatch as my base:) so stay tune!! and comment me:) i love them!

100 Follower giveaway!!!! (NOW CLOSED)

Good Afternoon!!
Alright so it has been bugging me on what to do with this prize! First followers you remember this story:). About a couple weeks ago i had ordered some Nail art pens off eBay and i just ordered one and to my surprise i got TWO sets. YES TWO!! Mind you i only ordered ONE and they sent me two. I have no idea why but i didn't care. It was OK with the seller but i didn't know what to do with this second set. Lately i been thinking.....Should i give it away or keep it so when i run out of one i have a extra......well...i decided!! Obviously you know whats going to happen because i wrote it as my Title :P. So I'm giving it away!!! for free!! I'm willing to do this as a international Giveaway because i would like it to be open to all my followers because you guys are the ones who make me excited to do my nails almost everyday so its only fair:). So let me introduce the set:)
*This is my set but they are exactly the same just the other set is in two separate zip bags that have never been open.

Here it is! 20 colors: 10 glitters and 10 solid colors some shimmer. I think i may be doing this differently than others but with good reason:). I want to make it to 100 followers. With the rules I'll be posting, i should get about 100 followers. On this Giveaway there is no deadline......YET. Here is what i want to do. When i reach 100 followers i will set a deadline and of course choose a winner. So this could possibly go on forever hopefully not. If it seems to take to long i will cut it short but who knows:). There is possible chances to gain a extra entry for this giveaway but You must fill out the form and be one of my Followers first before i can give you extra entries . So lets see the Form!!!:)

Black Funky Dunkey

Good Morning!!!
I hope every one's week is going well. Well here is my Mani from Thur. I had accomplished taking off the Acrylics to my natural nails and was stumped on what to do next. I needed another simple Mani and was inspired by a dear idol...Chloe:). I love her nails i just put a little twist on it. i wasn't in the mood to just do a swatch so i got creative.
After you see the pictures your probably like awwww cute but this Mani seriously did not like my nails!!! normally i take my Mani's off in a day but this one was like trying to come off. My grapefruit came off and them later at working IDK HOW but my ring finger on my left hand that's pictures...the black french came off:(. Good thing i only wear them for just a day.
I do want to apologize for the mess. I know i say that a lot but this time for real!!! i clean it up but some how this time it didn't want to work!! i gave up because by the time i got done i realized i had spent the free time before work on my nails....thank god work was good....redic!!
As you can tell today was a bad Mani day even thought it was a cute Mani...but I'm sure we all had those days:(... i hope you enjoy this Mani. Leave me a comment if you like.

Ignore the number this is for me to keep track of my swatches on the nail displays i have.:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Sprinkles!!!!!

Good Evening!!!
So today was such a busy day. First this morning i fought with myself if i should take off my acrylics or keep them on. I kept them on did my pink Wednesday nails and after showering on index finger on my left hand....the acrylic was coming off so THEY ARE COMING OFF!!! But i had to take pictures i couldn't let a good Mani go to waste. But i do apologize for the mess. i thought i cleaned it will but i guess now when i seen the pictures.

I used My silver nail pen for the glitter. the Claire's Glow in the dark was on top of the unknown base. I have had that thing for ever!!! and a sponge for the magic!

Hope you liked it!!!

LAST DAY!!!! JULY 20TH!!!!

Remember me telling you guys about when i got my polishes for Finger Paint at Buy 2 get one free?!??!? Ya today is the last day for that sale. Ladies there is finger paint polishes that are $1.99!! So go today click the Picture and it will take you right over to it:)


Monday, July 18, 2011

Peaceful Purple- FingerPaint

Good Afternoon!!
I been trying to do my post early but as you can see I'm still recovering from work hours! Last night we had a small inventory so i got home around 1am and couldn't sleep til 2am. But I'm up and ready to show you some FINGER PAINTS!! So if you remember me telling you about the Sale at Sally's for buy 2 get 1 free on Finger Paints. This one I'm going to show you is one of them:). Ya there is no Nail art Today but a Swatch. I don't like to do too many swatches but unless i find gorgeous colors and this is one:) So i put 3 coats of the "Peaceful Purple" and topped it with Seche Vite Top Coat to bring out its shine:).
*sry for the Messy Nails*

I hope you enjoyed it:). Tell me what you think i love comments:)
See ya Next Blog:)

Fall 2011 Finger Paints Collection!

So i know, like you, we love to find out about new polishes coming out. This is the New collection coming this Fall 2011 to Sally's Beauty Stores!! Check them out and tell me what you think:)

Vintage Velvet

Stunning Stilettos

Cordur- Orange

Catwalk Queen

Raspberry Tafetta

Military Green

Purple Pinstripe

Too- Teally Chic

Haute Taupe

Hope you guys enjoyed this:) check them out in August but for other Finger Paints go to the website:,default,pg.html

Til Next Time guys:)
-Liz Marrufo