Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Posh Plum

OK so i wanted to show....well i HAD to show you guys this color before i showed the Mani i did yesterday because this is just too gorgeous. This is Sally Hansen's "Posh Plum". This polish my mom stole from my room when i didn't even get to try it yet. they only reason how i found out was i looked at her nails and I'm like "wow mom that's a pretty color where did you get that?" i didn't assume it was mine because my mom is a nurse at a nursing home and the ladies and my mom do makeup days so they do their makeup and nails and act like models so i thought it was from there...but no...mom took my polish. So ya! here it is it deserved its own blog post:)...Posh Plum!!

So i hope you enjoyed it:) leave a comment:)

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