Friday, May 31, 2013

Day #2: Comic Con.....idk

Good Morning Friends!!!

So today's inspiration was from none other than.....

Yep that's Comicon!!

So i was dragged to my first ever Comicon!!
I actually liked it and was inspired to do a mani for it so i did the one thing i love that comes close to Anime.....HELLO KITTY!!!!

So here it is!!!

So ya there it was i don't know if this counts for my 30 days of DIY inspirations but then I'm the one that started it so why not ha ha. Anyways i hope you guys have a great weekend and stay safe out there friends!!

Til next week have a great weekend!!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nail Art Society!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!

So i decided to subscribe to the Nail Art Society and so this month i got my first package!!!

Now this subscription is all Nail art stuff that will help you save money on your nails by showing how to do them at home.

This month was a special one based off of Kiss USA nail art products and let me just say......I WAS IN LOVE....and still am!!

So here are the pictures....

 I was shocked with how thick the package was!!!!
 all the goodies!!!!

so I'm still trying to think of ideas to use these so when i do ill be sure to refer to them!! But ya that's what was all in it!

I'm super excited to use them all so hopefully soon.
well til Next time guys have an amazing day!!!

<3 Liz

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pink Wednesday with a Braid!!! Inspired DIY #1

Good Evening Guys!!!!

So i decided to do something fun!!
I call it "30 Days of DIY Inspiration"!!!

So what will happen is I'm finding all the "Tutorials" that show how to do a nail design or pictured from other nail junkies and taking their inspiration of their manis to do mine like theres......if that makes sense. ....

Now i don't want to steal pictures so i hope they can find my blog or i get to them to let them know I'm sharing, because I'm inspired by them...ya!

So ya i just want to share with you guys on what inspires me that day/ week and share with you guys that it is do-able...if that makes sense....ugh i feel like I'm not making sense but oh well , well here is the first (Day #1) of inspiration!!!

 So i saw this on my instagram feed one night and i was so determined to try it so here it is and if you want to follow this gal...DO IT!!!!
 And then here is my try at it!!

 So the only trouble i had with this is i didn't let the pink dry enough because it smeared thought the white and same with the white. But other than that i got a lot of compliments on it and everyone was in love with them.

All the polishes were Sinful Color except the Zoya which was the gold! But ya hope you guys enjoy and if you try i soooo want to see how urs come out!!! Please email me you pics and ill put them in a collage for the end of the 30 days!!!

So ya til next time guys have an amazing day!!!!
<3 Liz

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birchbox May Box

Good Morning!!!!!

So another long awaited post for my Birchbox!!!

So another sub that is another $10 a month and features 4-5 samples with sometimes being full sized. Lets just get to the pics!!!
the gorgeous pink box....
 the original brown box....
 in packaging.......
 and the unveiling....

Whats in the Box:
-Sumita color contrast Eyeliner (Black)
-Tweezerman File mate (in green)
-Beauty Protector & De tangle
-Folle de joie eau de parfum
-Coola classic SPF 30 Cucumber moisturizer for face

So first the eyeliner i was kinda disappointed in. I'm not sure if it was because of the shipping to AZ but the eyeliner was very melt like. When ever i would try to apply it kinda like didn't keep a point shape and it constantly broke off so i don't know if that's just how it is but it was so hard to use i didn't even want to keep trying it.

2) the Tweezerman match box....adorable and for me i love it better than taking a big nail file around so i will definitely buy more and they are $5!!!

3) the beauty protector was another love because it made my hair so soft and smells amazing!! and for hair that tangles it did its job.....must buy the real thing!!!

4) The perfume i like! wasn't super fan but it smells nice. a floral scent.

5)the Coola was actually nice. i been looking for a moisturizer that isn't super thick and not oily and i think this is it!! I mean i been to Lush to find the same and i did its almost the same as their vanishing Creme. But it was nice the smell was cucumber but i didn't like the smell.

So ya that was the whole box.
Hope you all have an amazing day!!!
<3 Liz

Monday, May 27, 2013

May Ipsy Bag!!!

Good Morning and Happy Memorial day!!!

Well it has been long overdue but here it finally is!! My May Ipsy Bag!!!!

So as you know the Ipsy subscription service is $10 a month and your guaranteed a cute themed makeup bag and 4-5 makeup sample....sometimes full size. Now they have also started a points system which each person would get a special something when they bring people to Ipsy as well.

So with all that out of the is what came in the May themed "Spring Fling" bag!!

 The gorgeous pink envelope....
 The gorgeous chevron bag. I'm not one for orange but it was cute with the rest. And because i give feedback on the products i got a starts with Urban Decay...
 this is all the samples in their casings
 and out......
 so the first was the perfume roller reminds me of old lady smell but i actually liked it. It kinda smells close to the Hello kitty perfume you can get from Sephora.
 HERE IS THE SPECIAL GIFT!!!! full size eyeshadow!!! in moon dust. I love it. It is super glittery but i love it!!! and my first UB makeup. once again thanks Ipsy....
 I was scared of how bright this is but it goes really well with my skin tone. the texture was very smooth too...i loved it!! and a full size
 This was the second best thing!! i was nervous about this because i don't usually use hair serum but i tried it and love it!! made my hair so soft and it felt so much healthier especially since i flat iron my hair everyday. Wasn't heavy either. I will buy this again.
 And i never use concealer but i tried it....i like it...and i will be locking for concealers now but this one was not too moist. so i wasn't too excited for it.
And finally Zoya Polish....we all know of it but this was a full size of course in "Piaf" i would never get this color if i had a choice to buy but its nice to get a full size polish.

so in this bag there was actually 4 full size products. I loves it granted not everyone got the UD shadow so to get 6 items in the bag that cost $10 a month was amazing!!!

I was super pleased with this bag this month and really makes me excited for the future bags. I know from some videos i seen with the months review bags, some people had broken perfumes which ruined a lot of stuff but Ipsy had replaced some of them but lets just hope next perfume is more protected:).

Well hope you guys have an amazing Memorial day And i hope to see you guys next time!!
<3 Liz