Thursday, July 5, 2012

        One of the things i been meaning to do as a Mani is was a Newspaper Mani. I didn't want to do anything too normal so i took some toons from the newspaper to try. WARNING!!! this was my first time doing this kind of Mani so now i know what to do for next time. But i got the idea to do this Mani with comic strips came from a co-worker of mine so i decided to try:). I will say that i took these pictures the day after because i needed light so there may be chipping:( sorry. And if you nails are shorter:(. I broke three this past weekend:(. Well enough of my sad is my Mani!!!

(*I used Sinful Colors "Snow me White" for this Mani.)

My Left hand

My Right Hand

These are the strips i used :)

Well thats it friends!!! Hope you guys liked this. I learned to have patience and make sure that i cover the whole nail:) but can't really do this slowly because it will get stuck on the polish:). Well til next time:)...Bye friends!!!

<3 Liz

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rainy 4th

"It's Raining, It's Pouring, My old man is no longer snoring!!"
 Well as soon as i woke this morning to take me pup Roxi out, it was raining!! I believe as i type this its still sprinkling!!
See the thing is where i live which is in Arizona city, floods so bad!! 
I mean road are flooded on one side of town about a foot to a half a foot, It's bad!
And since we are this tiny town with really only three exits out to the newest town....if they are flooded, its very hard to get out :(. BTW they are flooded. You need like huge trucks and SUV's to get out.
But ya anyways, that means fireworks for this day are probably get cancelled. My town had their yesterday because the newest town has there today. but i still would love to see fireworks:). 

To the post today ya its late because its a fresh post from today and i was being lazy with the weather:). But here we go:)

Outside my window into my neighborhood. its not flooded too bad compared to this morning but its nice outside :)

And this is what me and Roxi are doing on such a great day:) Watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Sorry for some mess I'm in process of packing and sorting for the move to Tempe, AZ.

Polishes used:
-Wet n' Wild "Red Red"
-Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
-Pixel "Oh Pardon Me"

So that's it for today!! Hope you all have a great 4th of July to my American followers!! And a great day to the rest:)

<3 Liz

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Flip Flop Frenzy!

So each year, Old Navy has the greatest one day wonder deal on Flip Flops... have you heard of it? $1/ Flip Flop. Yes and the store is filled with flip flop freaks crazy for the restricted 5 per person pairs. This was my fourth time working a flip flop frenzy day, Yes i work at Old navy, so i decided to do my nails!! We always have a theme for associates for one it helps customers recognize the employees so if they have questions. second it brings fun to the day for us employees so we don't go to crazy ;). It is really amazing because when we have fun events like this, this year really it started, i have had the pleasure of sharing nail art designs for events with another polishaholic who is a co- worker of mine:). She had the stamp design from the new Bundle monster collection that just came out while i had a brush:). Our theme this year was our Flag tees so i did the whole 4th of July theme flip flop:).  Here it is....

*I shouldn't have put the stars on :( i feel like it made it bad.*

Wanted to give a view of the thumb since it is different.

The one's who made this possible
(Left to right top): Base A Seche Restore, OPI "Speak for Your Elf", China Glaze "Blue Years Eve", OPI "I Juggle...Men", Sinful Colors "Snow Me White", Sinful Colors "Hot Spot", Sally Hansen "Red", Seche Vite Top Coat.
Bottom: Sally Hansen "Silver" Nail art Pen, 20/0 Royal SG250 Brush (From Micheal's)

This is my right hand. i did some star because lets face it...i could never do wht i did on my left hand on my right. i suck drawin, writing, and just anything with my left hand so i just did this. Even my stars looked bad ha.

Well thats all yall! haha i hope you guys like it and i hope some of my readers got some $1 flip flops:). Later Friends!!

<3 Liz

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fellow Blogger Giveaway!

One of the girl i follow is having a give away!! For some MASH plates. She is celebrating 2 years of blogging!!! Congrats Colores de Carol!!!! (Click Name to be directed to giveaway)..

if you didn't know...THE HEAT WON THE CONFERENCE!!!

So because you guys didnt know, i am a basketball lover now thanks to my boyfriend. I used to play in JR high but thats as far as i went. But now i just been forced to watch and i found my team.....The Miami HEAT!! Amazing team and this year i basically watch every game in finals because i have my team he has his team and his sister has her team so its been non stop game watching O_O.  ANYWAYS!! My team took the whole enchilada! the won the championships so i had my partial mani ready so when they won, because i knew the would, i would just add the final touches.....wanna see?!? okokok  here we go!!

(I do want to apologize for the lighting, i been trying some new spots to take good pictures since we moved since the last time i posted something like this:). Also for my dry cuticles:( .)

 Here is Nicole "Rainbow in the S-Kylie" up close

And the Beuties that made this possible :
(Left to right) Essie "Red Nouveau", Avon "Sunshine", Nicole "Rainbow in the S-Kylie", Sinful Colors "Snow me White", and a Sally Hansen "Black " nail art pen.

So there ya have it my first mani post back:). I know its not great work but its hand drawn and the best i can do:). still hope you guys like it:).

See ya guys next time!!

<3 Liz

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Start

Hello my wonderful followers!
I am really sorry for being away for long periods of time. There has been a lot going on and i will admit...i lost my desire to be creative for a while there.

This past May i graduated from my Community college i been attending for four years. It has been a big thing in my family since i am the first in my family to graduate college. I earned my Associates of Arts for those who are curious. Since graudating its been not stop workin and finalizing my paperwork for Arizona state University as well as looking for a new home:). Next i will be working on my Bachelors in Secondary Education in political science. So pretty much i been finally relaxing from all the stress the last four years:). Good news, WE FOUND A APARTMENT and just now waiting til its time to leave our small towns. I say us because I'll be living with my boyfriend and sister because we are all going to school there.

Then i guess with all the stress, i just got in a funk and was not feeling creative. It's funny because i couldnt bare to have naked nails so i would force myself to polish them and put a glitter top on so it had some thought. I have no idea where the funk came from. But recently i been getting back to my way and i hope it stays.

My goals in the last month i have at home is to of course spend good time with my family and hang out with friends but also keep blogging. My giveaway is still going i actually have 83 followers so very close but i actually tend to end the giveaway by the end of the month if not earlier. Like i mentioned before i wanted to add to it so i still need to. with money crunching for tuition, its been tough but i want to make it special because a lot of you have been waiting forever and let me just say i love you guys!!!.

Well thats it so far i do have some post coming because i had some cute manis i still wanted to share so be looking out for them, but until then...Later friends!!

<3 Liz