Friday, September 16, 2011

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you? 10 year anniversary.

I was asleep when i heard my mom scream my name in horror. It was earlier than my alarm was set to wake me up for school and all i could think was "mom its too freaking early WHAT?!" i was 11 years old and in middle school. I run to the living room because i realize my moms screams turn into tears and crying. I was so scared. My brothers and my mom were starring at the television in horror as their hands covered their faces. My mom looks at me and says, "Mija...look at the TV." when i looked at the TV i was wondering what this big big with smoke coming out of it was, it must have been important. I asked what happened and my family informed me that a plane had crashed into one of the trade center buildings in NY. I didn't think anything until i noticed something flying out of the building. A small shape. I looked closer and realized it was the people inside the building jumping out of the windows. I was so scared to see this and as a 11 year old you can understand that the closest i seen to death was my Nana dying on her death bed in a hospital, never a suicide. I sat to keep watching and tears start to come out of my eyes. Then all of a sudden people on the news station start to freak out, "ANOTHER PLANE!!" And my world crashed down as i seen the second airplane hit the second twin tower. I couldn't believe what i saw. I was thinking about all the people on those floors and how now they are all dead. I couldn't take it so i went to get ready to school.

After getting ready i returned to the living room with my socks and shoes as well as my back pack. And my brothers and mother had gotten ready as well but have kept a close eye on the burning buildings. What happen next was the scariest part. We were looking at the television when we seen the crumble of the first building and my mother gasp and hit the floor and started to pray. I was scared, what do we do now? then we notice later the second one falls as well. That was it. The station showed footage of people covered in debris and beaten up by the horror around them. People crying people who were hopeless.

I had to go to school but i couldn't picture having class when our country was just under attack. My stomach hurt from what i had seen on the TV to where i wish they would cancel school. I  got there and when to drop off my instrument in the band room and sure enough i wasn't the only one who saw it. Outside you could hear police cars going crazy. Every class that day was playing the news on all the televisions. It was the first time we realized that the TVs in our classrooms had cable on them because we were always used to seeing the ugly green and yellow clock burnt into the TV. Every teacher that day didn't have the heart to teacher. We didn't even dress out for PE because my teacher wasn't in the mood.

America was depressed and everyone could feel it.

I tell this story about what happen to me on September 11th, 2001 that Tuesday morning because as you all know that today is the 10th year anniversary. And ever now I'm 21 ans i know when I'm 81 or 71 ill remember that day like it was yesterday.

Where were you on that morning? Go a head a comment here. :)

Hope you all had a great day and hope you enjoy my nail tribute. God Bless!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have "American Beauty"!!

Hey guys!!!

Normally i don't post on weekends but i figured i would just because i have disappeared for so long:(. So for starters!! I MISS YOU ALL!!! Even to my New followers so happy that you decided to join me:) I hope you git a chance to check out some of my old post but no fear I'm trying to stay on the ball:)

OK so I'm sure a lot of you have hear about Julep? If not ill tell ya:)

Julep is seriously still a new company and i have to say i love!! their polish!! They have a thing where if you take a little test and they give you your certain style, which mine was "American Beauty" and you can chose to get a sneak peak box every month for $20 a month:). Each box has some polish as well as some goodies to keep you hands and nails gorgeous!! I seriously Love this box and today I'm going to show you mine:) If your interested in doing this too CLICK HERE and it will take you to the website. The little quiz is fun and the box is even better and seriously it shipped so fast!!! i believe it was like 4 days after i ordered it i got it and Shipping is FREE!! just pick the Marven julep shipping and you got free shipping.

So lets check out my box:)

 This little note is to describe what i have:)
Cutest bag ever!!!
 everything inside:)/ The big box is "Facial for Hands" glycolic hand scrub and it was a hug thing i thought it was all samples but nope the real deal. That cost about $32 so right there i got a great deal $20 for all this:). Then the three polishes and two samples:)
 The cutest wrapping!!! holding my precious polishes in there:) i didn't want to open it!!
 TA DA!!! Fall '11 "Alfre" not yet released:), "Cameron", and a Julep Nail therapy which i have to say is the greatest thing ever and it smells good not like regular polishes!

 So that was my amazing box i cant wait to get this months i got this about 4 days ago but haven't been able to post anything til now. So once again if you are interested in getting your own Custom Beauty editor Sneak Peek Box go HERE to sign up:)

Til next time:)
Bye guys!!!
<3 Liz

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I swear im a live!

Hello Loves!!
I know i know your probably thinking ow what happened to LIZ!!! I want to apologize :(. Its been crazy. With work and is crazy!! So much HW but that's what i get for taking two science classes. On top of that...I'm having issues with my job now. I love some of the ppl there but some ppl i am just getting bugged over. Plus i found a job that will help me gain experience for my career and major. So i been learning about it and finally finished the application just have to turn it in tmr before work:).

What else have i been doing you ask? Well a lot of research and video watching. My hair had grown so long. I love long hair but mine was too bland and had no layers anymore so i don't have money to go get it cut by a professional so i was looking up videos on how to do it myself......and.....I DID IT!!! i love it too!!! it looks short but my longest layer is actually only 3 inches from the normal length. Mind you the original length was past the middle of my back:).

Also i been trying to learn how to make a great franken so ya a lot of research with that. I hope to post stuff soon and actually that's my goal this weekend:) a long with homework.

So ya i wanted to update you all on my life so i hope you are all doing great i miss you all of course:).

Hope to post soon!!!

<3 Liz

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Birthstone: Amethyst

So i been having issues with my nails! I tend to just have bad luck with keeping nice nails. I end up smudging like one each time this week!! On Wednesday i showed you Bali Mist and my Messed up thumb! I hate it but oh well:( . But here is Amethyst by LA Colors. I hope you guys enjoy the post:)

See ya guys later:)

You see the messed up one?!?!?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nail Junkies and Sun rises;)

So i had to do a simple Mani for school because i didn't have much time to get too fancy. So i used Sinful Colors Rise and Shine and Nail Junkie. I used the LA Colors Strength and Hardener for my base to help my nails not break and good old seche Vite. Tell me What you think:)

Hope you enjoyed it! Later Friends:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bali Mist!!

So sorry but this will be a very short post Today. I know today is PINK Wednesday so i chose this for today. Its a purple but pink so which is why i chose it. So i hope you all enjoy it and hope you day is amazing:). See ya guys later!!


Messed up a nail:(


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sinful Haul

Good Morning!!!
I hope you are all doing great! I missed you guys and I'm having blog withdraws! So i had to do some scheduled postings but I'm giving you guys something. I been so busy with school starting and my family looking for a new house and just so much! but i have some neat post for you not as creative as i want but with time constraints this past week it hasn't been easy.
So to start the fun postings!! Nail Polish HAULS!! So if you guys didn't know Walgreen's had their Sinful Colors Polish on sale for $.99 cents! i was so excited!! i seriously spent like about $20 bucks on polish this week and i only am missing like 5 polishes from all the ones they have of SC at My Walgreen's. I ALMOST HAVE A WHOLE COLLECTION!!! And i also had to make a run to the only little store in my house town to get some girly items and also decided to look at the polish there so i got some for a $1 for LA colors polish i got 6 and 2 of each so i can send the other set to my wonderful friend in Poland in our next swap:). I cant wait to get her package!! i should be getting it this week so I'm seriously waiting like a little kid on Christmas!! So anyways lets get to this post!

the bundle all together:)
Let Me Go, Purple Diamond, I Miss You, Bali Mist, I Love You

Snow Me White, (not sure? but a light pink shimmer), You Just Wait, Pinky Glitter, Call You Later
Gorgeous, Savage, Hot Spot
the names are obvious. I got a lot of top coat but its also to help with some future frankens:)
hardener and help strengthen for my nails, Amethyst, Pink Sizzle

So ya there they are! I'm so excited to work with them! Expect some swatches on them:).
So i hope you are all doing well! Hope you enjoyed this post:)
Til next time ladies!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reminders: My Giveaway!!

Good evening!!
So because i been so busy im working on some scheduled post which i will start today but after my homework.
I want to welcome my new followers:)!! I hope you enjoy following me! and for the rest of my followers i hope i haven't let you down!
The post of this message is to remind everyone about the Giveaway I'm hosting!

(Click to be directed to the post and entry form)

Its a great giveaway and i figured its better as a 100 follower thing but i could make it to a 50 follower giveaway who knows. Spread the word and don't forget to enter:)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Pictures......just talk for a bit.

Good evening friends!
I'm hopping your Sunday/ Weekend was amazing as mine. Today like every Sunday i worked at 6am and so when i come hope i rest then nap and wake up late. So I'm sorry for the late post.
I just wanted you guys to know about what going to be coming up this week. As some may know i am a college student. This year well semester really is my last semester at my community college and I'll be slowly transferring over to Arizona State University :D I'm super excited!
I'm EXCITED for school to start. i have a pretty relaxed schedule which thank god for! But school starts tmr.!!
I'm writing this post to inform you all that I plan to keep up with my Post but also my education does come first so if i get busy you all know why:). I don't want to neglect my blog because i love doing this which is why I'm so excited about my schedule. But ya that's what i wanted to tell you guy i didn't want you guys to freak if i was gone for days:).
I hope to post tmr because my online classes start and one night class but if i don't:) you know why:)

Love ya guys so much!!
-Liz <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sprinkle on a cupcake..but nails.

Good Afternoon!
Well i would have had this up this morning BUT!!! at work yesterday i happen to have broken three nails...THREE!! so upset so i decided to wait to this morning to trim them down ALL my nails down because it has become ridiculous! So there is the reason for my late Post.
ANYWAYS!! on to the Mani. First off i have to say I'm a little upset with my Mani today. I used another Sally Hansen HD polish known as "LCD"......i don't like LCD! i mean its OK if i really want shear pink but the thing is when i buy a polish and the way it looks on the bottle it should look on my nails.....i had to apply 5 coats to get it to that. The thing is with applying that many, as you all know, it will chip and peel off like a sticker! Good thing i only keep it on my nails for a day but still! So I'm not happy with it but it will do. I still love the shine it gives off. I added a couple of holo sprinkles to it but i liked my right hand better that my left so you be the judge:).

Right hand above

Right hand above

Right hand above

I hope you guys liked it better than me. Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)