Friday, April 19, 2013

My First Birchbox!!!

Hey guys!!!

Well finally the weekend is hear and i got a sweet post for you. So as you guys know i am a subscriber to ipsy, well I'm also a subscriber to Birchbox. Birchbox is basically the same thing as ipsy but they have different samples and Birchbox doesn't have a makeup bag.

Well i finally got my April box!!! I was excited so i had to share and share some reviews on the products! So roll the PICTURES!!!

So this is how the box comes in a gorgeous pink!! I thought it was kinda small when i picked it up but whatever its what is inside that matters!!!

 Then you open the box to find .......another box!!! i was actually liked this.....its like to pump you up ya know....crazy. It was a Getting back to you kinda theme i believe.

Ya the Tiny Tweaks for big results theme. the final box!!!! are you ready!??!?

What i see when i open....

The products taken out and in packages still..

Then the products released from their packages

The first one was the Nexxus youth renewal rejuvenating elixir. So this is for the hair and its to help with cures dry strands and reduces the odds of age-related breakage. I love this stuff and i will have to buy the full size product because even though I'm like 23 it really made a difference in my hair. It feels healthy and mind you i don't have much to work with from this sample but its a nice serum.

This was the Caudalie Divine Oil. I don't like oils. especially to put on my face but this one was nice. Its for skin, hair, and nails and to help moisten and give life to these areas. I LOVE IT!!!! and i will be buying this especially for my nails because they never looked better. 

This one you may have seen from a previous post but this is Ruby Wing "Poppy" a changing color polish that changes when it hits the sun. Now at first i didn't think it worked but then i realized that it did when i noticed my nails were darker. I love it!!! will buy more!!!!

This was actually an extra.  The picture says it all but ya i used it and i do see a difference.I don't have much of a puffy eye since using it. So i believe it is.

Then is which is the Whish Shaving cream. Its supposed to keep you legs moist while and after you shave. I didn't really like it. The smell was a blueberry that i really didn't like and i like the shaving foam so i can see where i went over and this one was hard to see since it goes on like lotion. 

well that was the box. For the most part i did like the box. So ya there it is!!!
I hope you guys have a great Weekend!!! Ill see ya guys Monday!!!
Til next time!!
<3 Liz

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love spring!!

Well Good afternoon!

Didn't think i was going to post today huh?!?!?!?
I'm really trying hard to stay on this and so far so good?!?!!??!?!??!?
Well the Sukey part was i was supposed to bring my laptop to school today to do some post but i didn't bring it which sucked so i didn't even get to edit my pictures but whateves!!!

So i was really excited when spring started, granted right now as i sit and type this I'm starving for sun because the breeze is making it like 62 degrees and I'm currently wearing Bermudas and a T-shirt and flip flops......What The Crap Was I Thinking!!!!???


I love spring! i finally get to wear fun popin colors!!!! So this was the start. Plus  love pastels and now is the time to get them because they come in fun colors for spring!!!

But here is my Mani...i was going to write down the names but i used so many so that was not going to happen, so i took a picture!! All Sinful Colors so enjoy!!!

Well til Next time friends!!!
Have a great rest of the day!!
<3 Liz

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pink Love!!!!!

Good Morning Beautiful People!!!!

Happy Wednesday!! So when i first started my blog, i decided to join a the "Pink Wednesdays" so let me at lease participate and boy did i find a gorgeous pink to share with you. OK i didn't find it actually came to me in Birchbox for this month. But i was still super excited!!!! 

Normally when i get polishes in these i get nervous because i can be picky with colors but i been overall satisfied so ya.

So the polish is the Ruby Wing color changing Nail Polish in "Poppy".
I love they polish because it was very thick in terms of sheer or not (for lack of brain function) and i only needed two coats. I will definitely be buying more of this brand of more of the color changing polishes because they are fun. 

I have other color changing polishes like from Del Sol but this was pretty nice because its just a simple solid color.

well i was going to try to get a picture of it when it transition into the plum like pink but i couldn't get a good one:( and yes i took pictures in class ha ha.

til next time guys have a great day!!
<3 Liz

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poptart....or Sandwich?

Good Morning My Amazing People!!!!

So It's been a great morning a great start to the week, why you ask?
Well school is ending soon so finally a break!!!!!

Well back to reality Today's post is a simple Mani nothing too difficult but cute. I never really did a "Sandwich" Mani so i was pretty excited! ha

Polished used:
-bottom- Sation "love at first byte"
-middle-Nicole "Rainbow in the S-Kylie"
-top- Sation "love at first byte"

It reminded me of a Pop-Tart.....but you guys decide!
Hey guys let me know what you guys want to see in my postings! i love to hear it!!

until next time friends!!
<3 Liz

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Ipsy Bag ....WELCOME APRIL!!!!

And we start back with a Ipsy Bag review!!!

So i came up on this ipsy bag when i was on one of my bored days of YouTube browsing.......i lied I'm always on YouTube it seems. ANYWAYS!!! i was watching a video and heard the price and realized it was a great deal!! so i subscribed to it!!

So its just like a cosmetic bag that comes with 4 to 5 samples of beauty products. Sometimes they may be full sizes. The beauty bag is also a great little prize as well. Its a monthly subscription so it comes once a month and is billed once a month. But when you sign up you are first put on a wait list but it goes by fast.

So here is mine!!! -reviews will follow the pictures!

So the Lovely ipsy bag comes in a gorgeous pink envelope! which HELLO!!!! i love!!!! its pink for crying out loud loved it!!

Then you pull out this cutie!!! and .....

 these cards!! Now each ipsy bag has a theme. This month was "Pretty in Pink". the other was a VIP thing for a vlogger thing i believe.

This is what the inside of the bag looks like if you were curious....

THE GOOD STUFF!!!! These are what i got in this month!!

and out of the box (Left to right): Sation "love at first byte" (for ipsy), Be a bombshell blush (full size)  in "Beach Please", sexy hair Powder play, and Two Cosmetics "Heartache".

So I'm assuming this was a special color for ipsy. At first i was excited for it because i been into pastels lately and i love the peach colors but when i applied was sheer. I was kinda sad but then i realized......JELLY SAND WHICH!!! so that's what ill be using it for. otherwise it will take a couple coats to have it more of a pigmented color.

I seen the color and i was scared. It was pretty bright pink and i was terrified to put it on but i burly tapped into it and placed it on my cheeks and it wasn't too bad..still scared of it but i loved how much there was in the compact so i will probably order more just not this bright :/.

I don't think the picture helped the color that it was but it was nice. Still a little bright so i used a different mix of colors for them to work but ya.

So the "beach please" blush is the far left, then the lighter of the eye shadow in the middle, and the darker of the shadow on the far right.

And the swatch of the nail polish. This is after 4 coats. still kinda sheer.

Overall it was a nice first bag. I was impressed with the bag because i seen videos and how people didn't like the quality of it but I'm assuming they fixed it because it was pretty nice. The makeup was kinda bright for me but i love the powders and how they work well when you use them so lets hope! ha

The sexy hair Powder play was amazing too!! it really work on what it promises i will definitely be buying a full size. I gained so much volume with it!! and the sample will last a while too.

Well that's all for now guys
I'm thinking of doing Vlogs.....what do you guys think!!??

Well leave comments friends!!
til next time guys!
<3 Liz