Thursday, June 23, 2011


So i went to the Post office today and to my surprise i had sooo many packages!! It was seriously like Christmas:).

See how many!! it was funny walking out with it:)
Mind you only 5 were actual nail stuff:) one was my android tablet cover:)
And the products:). I got acrylic color powder and rhinestones, glitter powder, French white nail tips, and nails clipper:)

Im so Excited to use them. Im seriously almost done i need two things left from the orders i did from this shipping then 4 more from the most recent order.

I do need to repaint nails now but tmr:) after work i plan to make a visit to target;). I need shampoo n conditioner so maybe ill grab some things;)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sad Face:(

So i been pretty sad today because i'm still waiting on all my acrylic stuff to come in which is why all my pics are with my natural nails. normally i let them grow out but last time i cut myself with my nails because they are thin. This is why i love acrylic and since i learned how to do acrylic on my nails i been very excited about it. So i bout a lot of acrylic supplies online because #1-its wayyyy cheaper than going to Sally's (even though i ADORE sallys), #2 i dont have to worry about them running out of supply. For some reason the Sally's here runs out of something when i go and when i go shopping i want to get everything right then in there to save a trip:).

I haven't checked the mail box today because its too early too so i sit here with anxiety as i wait. Longer nails means more possibilities for nail designs.......:(

So now i just checkout websites of my favorite people til i have to go.....acrylic nails:( i miss you.
-Liz :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Green leopard?

So i finally got my stamper so today was all about having fun with my plates. One thing i couldn't wait to play with was my leopard plate:) So i had to try. not the pics will show messiness but hey practice makes perfect so im sure after months of playing with it ill get better:). Hope you enjoy.

This is the supplies i used:). My MASH plate, my stamper and scrapper, and my sinful colors "Out of this World".

The pink circle shows you the Design i chose, the leopard.

Remeber: not all plates have visible seals on them. Some may be clear. Just remember to take them off before use.

Yes its messy but this is the first time i used stamping. but this was different.

After cleaning the mess. And i put on the top coat as well which it made it look nicer:)

So there it is:). Comment :)

ENVY of Colors

So I had to paint my nails again i was going to leave them naked......O_O! lol YA RIGHT!!! i'm sorry did i scared you guys? I'm so sorry never again. anyways a while back ago i like went on a nail polish buying rage. Mind you i had like two coupons to ulta and my club card and they were on sale so i got a lot of Ulta colors and Sally Hansen polish.

ANYWAYS!! today im going to show you the "Envy" Side of Ulta:). Yes, the color im showing you is "Envy" by Ulta. I really liked this color specially outside and in Arizona it shines sooo gorgeous:). so enjoy the Pictures i edited with my Photoscape:).

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Acrylic Nails

So i Learned how do do this right one day but i tried it by accident. I didnt have the right liquid but i realized that brush cleaner still works haha. But im getting the real stuff through mail so now i just have to wait. for it being my first time im very proud of myself:).

What i Got Today

So this is what i got in the mail. My Stamper, Bows and Dappen Dish:) So excited:) Wonderful things to add to my supply.

Hello Kitty

I LOOOVEE Hello Kitty! So of course i had to buy the plate that has her face on it:). I got this in the mail on friday june 17th. Later ill show some nail designs with it:).

The supply's are coming in!!

So on the 8th of June i ordered a lot of things from online. They are slowly coming in. Today i got three things in. I got my stamper kit with scrapper, dappen glass dish for my acrylic liquid, and my bows for my nail art. I still need a couple other things. Im just happy my stamper came in cuz now i can play with all my plates. I just painted my nails to a color ill reveal later. I want to add a design to it:).

Ill show a pick of the things i got today as well as the other things i got:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too Dark Maybe?

This is the China Glaze polish titled "First Class Ticket". I actually bought this on accident. I wanted the OPI version of it which was a little lighter and ended up buying the China Glaze when i thought it was the OPI :(. but i kept it and just like the Nicole one i bought it came out dark. But i liked that it was lighter, meaning i could seem more color than just black. I was kinda sad because the bottle has a lil blue metallic and i couldn't see that in it:( . But pretty color.

4 Things to Love

So this is my first post and like in everything, third time is a charmer so next time i hope to have pics for every step on camera. i have here some step by step to do this design on your own nails. i don’t have pictures for all of it but it comes close. If you have questions, which i hope they are covered in this Web Blog, Please ask away or message me:).

*Please note: This takes long!!! i started this at 12 and ended at like 3pmish. It really helps to have a small fan of just a fan in general near by so your polish can dry faster to make this all go by faster.

So the first step is picking the colors you desire… remember it doesn’t have to be my colors, they may be any colors you want but please beware this is a long process. I chose my Sinful Colors polish.

From Left to Right: Cream Pink(Pink-Obviously), Happy Ending(Green), Love Nails(Blue), and Let’s Talk(purple)

-Next you create a base coat. i chose the Cream Pink to be my base becase i wanted it to be my top strip.

-Now Let your base color dry. (this is where the fan comes in handy)

-Once your base is dry and get your second color which mine was Let’s Talk (purple), get a piece of tape (make sure to stick tape to you palm to take away some stickyness otherwise you will take some of your base off) remember the base is still fragile to coming off. Take that piece of tape and slant it to how you want it like i did on my picture bellow. and polish that baby!

* notice my bottom is a lil messy but it was my first time doing this but no worries it will be covered by your next color:).

-Next your going to need two strips of tape and your third color which is my Love nails (blue) color. like my pic shows ( the only helpful one i took:( sry)

*please remember to stick the tapes on your palm first to take off some stickyness. specially so you wont mess it up. the fan helps to make the polish dry faster.

they should end up looking something like this:)

*some are messy but no worries with time it gets better. once you get used to taping and all that you will be a pro:)

-Nest is you being so close to the finish line!!! use the same technique as you used for your third color (or my blue) and do it for your Fourth color which mine was the green or sinful color’s Happy ending:). and it should look a lil like this!

-THATS IT!! you made it! the easy part now is putting a top coat of a clear polish which i didn’t have a pick of but it was a wet n wild one. but once you add the top coat you have your beautiful nails that look like this…

*Some tips:

-This does Take a long time

-Its good to get crappy tap from a dollar store becuase its less sticky and it will be easier to apply but still stick it on your palm first.

-FAN FAN FAN FAN—very long process but it helps to make it go faster.

-after you shower or wash your nails the polish you got on your skin will come off when you scratch it off.

Thank you for reading i hope it helps. everyone loved my nails when they saw them so i hope everyone will love yours as well:) please message me if you have questions:)

Products Uses:

  • -Sinful Colors nails polish
  • Cream Pink, Happy Ending, Let’s Talk, and Love Nails
  • -Wet n’ Wild Clear polish
  • -Some cheap tape i found haha.

Can find these at


All week i been trying to fix this blog because i wasn't able to write in the txt and my dummy self just fixed it! Thank god!! i could have had about a week worth of stuff up but i didn't because of the edit post feature.

But its all fixed!!! expect post within the next couple of days but to get started i figured id repost some of my older post from my tumblr so my new crowd can see what i do:).