Saturday, July 9, 2011

Funky Leopard

good afternoon Ladies! So last night i put on my bass coat and thought "its too late bed now, ill finish tmr." so when i woke up i did just that. Now i have done a leopard design before, but this time was different because it would have color in the prints. It came out OK (you may thing differ) but once you done something great, if you mess up its like "man this is not as good as last time". but i do like the colors:)

Yes picture my cell phone taking a picture of you:). Ya ya so now you know what color my cell case is:). If you want to know something iPod touch's case and my lanyard for my car keys is pink:D. I'm a pink freak!! couldn't you tell by my name?! ha ha..moving on.....

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen's "Green With Envy", Sinful Colors "Cream Pink", "Let's Talk", "Love Nails" , and sinful colors nail art black polish. (i actually used a art brush for the black because the brush that's with the nail art bottle is very pointy)

The dots before i put black on it. i thought it looked cute so i took a picture:). And it inspired me for another future Mani:).

The finished product:). Now your probably wondering why i had so many pics of my polish line for this Mani...well normally i use a 12 mega pixel Fulifilm Rsl Camera but its batteries are finally dying:(. i need to buy new ones. Until then I'm going to be using my old Samsung 8.2 mega pixels digital camera. Its pretty difficult to work with. to get this Mani pics i had to take tons of pictures to get what i wanted. normally on my fujifilm camera i just take a snap and I'm done. the only perk is that the pics from the samsung load up faster. So i do apologize. if it gets horrible ill just use my cell phone which sadly has better quality that my samsung ha redic.
So i hope you enjoy this many:) Thanks for reading:)

PS: sry for the mess:(


thenailaholic said...

Very cute! As for the pink, I'm sure you've seen my keyboard. I'm the same way :) lol

Liz'sPinkNails said...

oh GOSH! i know i love it!!!!!