Saturday, July 9, 2011

Funky Leopard

good afternoon Ladies! So last night i put on my bass coat and thought "its too late bed now, ill finish tmr." so when i woke up i did just that. Now i have done a leopard design before, but this time was different because it would have color in the prints. It came out OK (you may thing differ) but once you done something great, if you mess up its like "man this is not as good as last time". but i do like the colors:)

Yes picture my cell phone taking a picture of you:). Ya ya so now you know what color my cell case is:). If you want to know something iPod touch's case and my lanyard for my car keys is pink:D. I'm a pink freak!! couldn't you tell by my name?! ha ha..moving on.....

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen's "Green With Envy", Sinful Colors "Cream Pink", "Let's Talk", "Love Nails" , and sinful colors nail art black polish. (i actually used a art brush for the black because the brush that's with the nail art bottle is very pointy)

The dots before i put black on it. i thought it looked cute so i took a picture:). And it inspired me for another future Mani:).

The finished product:). Now your probably wondering why i had so many pics of my polish line for this Mani...well normally i use a 12 mega pixel Fulifilm Rsl Camera but its batteries are finally dying:(. i need to buy new ones. Until then I'm going to be using my old Samsung 8.2 mega pixels digital camera. Its pretty difficult to work with. to get this Mani pics i had to take tons of pictures to get what i wanted. normally on my fujifilm camera i just take a snap and I'm done. the only perk is that the pics from the samsung load up faster. So i do apologize. if it gets horrible ill just use my cell phone which sadly has better quality that my samsung ha redic.
So i hope you enjoy this many:) Thanks for reading:)

PS: sry for the mess:(

Polish Haul July 8th, 2011

Normally when i go on hauls it because i get stuck in town and i need something to do to pass the time. Small hauls are when I'm by myself because i don't have my boyfriend to stop me so i have to control myself:). I got a total of 5 yesterday and i wouldn't had 7 but i put two back because my boyfriend made me compromise. No Claire's if i got the two Sally Hansen's. so i put them back because i been dying to get some mood changing colors:). so with out further a due....Check it out!!!

*Left to right: Claire's "Glam" and mood changing "Calm/ Wild", Wet N' Wild "Blue wants to be a millionaire", "Party of five colors", and "Hannah Pinktana"

So there are random. Since i built my polish shelve i can see what i need and now when i get polish its a combination of what i want and need to add to my collection so that's why they are kinda random. I need blues i realized so you may be seeing a lot ha. I have another haul coming through mail because Sally's has a lot of polish on sale online. Mostly clearance and if its still going on the finger paint is buy 2 get one free:).
Back to this haul, the Claire's is buy one get one 50% off so which is why i bought two. The Wet n' Wild were $1.99 at Walgreen's so i got them:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New DOGGY!!!

OK so recently a friend of mine posted about giving a English bulldog away to a good home. Me dummy had to ask my older brother "Which ones are those? the ones that walks around all buff looking?" and my brother say yes and asked why. when i told him why i asked his first words were "I WANT IT!" so we talked to my friend and today as I'm writing this I'm waiting for the call to go meet my friend and her boyfriend to pick up Lola:).
My family is very sympathetic to dogs. We have a German Shepard named Shuts, yes that's his name because his previous owner was forced to tell him to "shut the H*** up" when he was a puppy due to continuous barking that Shuts he thought was his name. and i bought Roxi, my shiatsu puppy last year around February because i planned to move northern Arizona to go to the university and i didn't want to be completely alone so i bought her.
We love our dogs too much and we are so excited to add another to our "Ninja" pack. Roxi is a ninja! And she loves cheese and popcorn, thanks to my mother. Shuts just loves rakes and balls. Cant wait to see what Lola likes:).
The reason i post this today is not to just share my love for dogs but because i think with the new dog and training Roxi to love Lola and not hate her will take time. I'm pretty much on my own to do this til late tonight when the boys in the family come home. So this is my post for today i guess you can say.
I'm still rocking my Laker's inspired Mani crackle so nothing new. If i get a chance I'm going to re due my nails with acrylic. BUT if i have time:(.

Til Next time:)
Happy reading,

just ignore for now haha.

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China Crackle

Hello! Two late post but shockingly these two post are the colors i had on all Wednesday. I had a lot of naps throughout the day and i couldn't sleep so i did one of my ideas i was going nuts over. So i recently go this crackle and i knew i can do some crazy color combos. But when i was txting my boyfriend he was asking what colors? Lakers colors?! so i said no because i didn't have either but it inspired this Mani. so dedicated to my love.......Lakers Colors just beacause he is a Lakers freak:)

*China Glaze crackle "Fault Line" and Avon's "Sunshine"

You may notice i don't have my acrylics on well one chipped at work (DARN IT!!!) and one was loose because of too much water exposer so i decided to take them off and also because i wanted to try a different tip that will make them less wide. But hope you like the Mani!



So i haven't really been in a creative mood. well i have but have you ever had soooo many ideas in your head on what to do with your nails that you just don't want to because you cant decide? maybe its just me. There are so many things i want to do that its causing me to block. So today i was going to do a cute mani for pink Wednesday but that just ended in plain pink nails but i found it to be a pro because i get to show you more of my polishes so here it is....
*Outside (because my dog Roxi had to pee:))
*inside with flash
*inside no flash just lamp

So here it is this is my Avon polish collection this one is titled "Punch" its one i used when i did the water marble. So hope you like the color:)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Super/ Mini Hauls

Ok i failed! normally after i come home from any kinda haul and id be so excited id want to share with you guys. but the last three i haven't. Its probably just because its been busy. With boyfriend coming home and the holidays and picking up more shifts at work, its been crazy but i have a little time to breathe before i get up and get ready for work on the 4th of July :(.

So here is two pictures of the three separates hauls i did. Now you may have seen them used in some of my manis earlier but i never properly introduced them to you:)
*just another angle to see some shine:)
*Left to Right: Sally Hansens's "Posh Plum" & "Rockstar Pink", Sinful Colors's "Rise and Shine" & "Hottie", and NYC "Starry Silver Glitter".
This is the third to the last haul i did. If you read back i was upset because i was waiting and waiting for my stuff i ordered online to come in and then i epically failed my marble polish. That day i had to get some stuff from Target and i went by the nail polish area and picked up some stuff to make my day:). It did too:) here is my Target haul!

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen's Crackle "Fractured Foil", Seche Vite Top Coat, OPI's Suede "OPI Ink"

This was the second to last haul and i went specifically for the Seche Vite Top coat and came out with two extra. I stopped by the clearance at Ulta because i really wanted the OPI i originally wanted when i got the china glaze polish i grabbed by accident a couple weeks back and BANG! it was there the last bottle!! so i grabbed it. and then i seen the Crackle and i didn't have one at this point, any crackle at all, so i got the silver.

*China Glaze's Crackle "fault Line"

This was my last Mini haul. I was at work and one of my wonderful Nail critics that feeds my nail obsession gave me a coupon i couldn't resist to Ulta. A 20% off coupon already printed off. Since it was going to expire on the 3rd of July i had to go in and find something, of course there was going to be something:). So i got this crackle i have yet to try. I needed crackle in my stash pile so now i have two and i have some crazy plans for this one:).

So ya this was the last three hauls in one post. I'm excited to start using them! i have a lot of polish i have yet to try still...i know i'm crazy. From a lot of the hauls i have done i have about 20 i haven't even opened yet and i'm going to soon. So Hope you enjoyed this:)

Thanks for reading friends:)

No Mani for 3 days...

It seems like forever since i dont my nails and i feel the withdraws. And they added me on the schedule tue at 6am. so i cant do my mani over when i get off today:(. When tue hits after work!!! im GOING MANI CRAZY!!!! i got new polishes. I should totally post up gosh i dont know why i haven't! haha im getting behind guys. Im normally on top of things but since my boyfriend came back from visiting family in Hawaii its just been crazy. No worries. It will be ok after 4th of July:).

so expect a post on recent hauls:)