Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July (2011)

OMG!! so i couldn't wait to get home to do my nails for fourth or July. I told you guys earlier im going to have to wear them like this til the 4th of July but as cute as they came out im soooo ok with that:). so i ordered dotting sticks but i am still waiting for them and i was impatient because i wanted them done for tmr so i figure id try a pen so you will see in the white nails a pen marks but its because i used a pen:). And it worked perfectly. I love them!! i hope you all too.
And on a sidenote: normally i clean up my nails, sometimes i dont, but i was in a rush because in one of the pictures you can see what time it is ha ha and i work tmr and i sooo wanted to share this with you guys because tmr ill be lucky to be able to get one. So here it is:).

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen "Red(the label rubbed off...very old polish)", Wet n' Wild "French White Creme" "Bijou Blue", Sinful Colors "This is It" "Out of This World", and of course Seche Vite"). the pen in this picture was not the pen i used but i couldnt find it when it came to picture time so i just grabbed one haha. SORRY!!

*ok i did mess up a little but u cant really tell can you? lol
Thanks guys for reading hope you loved it and i cant wait to see your Fourth of July manis!! haha. Leave comments or have questions please ask away:)

To my Followers

So today i fail to bring a mani post. I did do my nails but i just put a acrylic on them because lately my nails have been thin and when i go to work i happen to break them so i am forced to put acrylic false nails on them to let them grow more while i try to restore them...BUT NO FEAR!!! when i get home from work im going to paint them:). I have to get ready for 4th of JULY!. and sadly i have to wear the same mani til then:( or maybe ill switch it up >:D!
ANYWAYS!! that was part of the reason i wanted to post. if you look up you will see this is to my followers:) Well it is! i want to say thank you so much! I was seriously starting to loose faith in blogger and i was thinking of cutting the cord because i have two other pages but i figured why not just do this for fun and stick with it. Then i read a blog post from a blog i follow called "
". She really gave me hope and i was more excited to post more post:) she is new to blogger just like me and she has more followers but im just happy that she gave me home and more reason to stay on blogger.
So i get on my blogger today after doing my nails and BOOM!!! i have 3 followers!!! You have no idea how excited and happy i am to have you here:). I thank you so much as well because you like what im doing here and it makes me happy.
Now i know ill probably get a couple more when others read this and if some were to be like "heeeeey im a member too n she has __ (more than 3)__ members" lol this goes for you too:). lol sorry i like to think of every possibility:).
So ya thank you guys! you all made my day and now im going to have a big smile all day:)
-<3 Liz

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crackle on a Matte?!

Hello! So this post ended up being posted too late than what i really wanted. Even though im still rocking these nails but its a day old:(. i know right who does that. I been pretty busy so i do apologize but here it is! I went to Ulta (my favorite place) and originally went to get the Seche Vite top coat because well duh! its the best. and of course i walked out with more than i should have. So i dont know if you remember me talking about the china Glaze's "First Class Ticket"? if not look at it its one of my old post
Anyways i had gotten it by accident because i originally wanted the color here on this post:) and im so happy they had it..the last bottle!! O_o. So i got it and as well as the silver sally handsen crackle.
Lets see the color first:)

This is the OPI's Suede "OPI INK". I realized i really love the matte finishes. And i was soo happy i still got the chance to get this bottle its like it was meant to be ^_^.

So then since i bought the crackle Sally Hansen's "Fractured Foil" i was curious if it would work on this type polish so i tried. The thumbs came out better than the rest other than that it doesn't crack as much so ill be sticking to the glossy polishes :). Lesson learned.

Then i topped it with the Seche this stuff:). Hope you enjoyed:)

Fourth of July!!

So as i sit here trying to make my blogs look better im thinking of what im going to do today for my mani, then i think "OMG!!! FOURTH OF JULY IS COMING!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!?!?!?". Then my boyfriend looks at me like im crazy and laughs. So my question is how excited are you about doing your Fourth of July Mani?! i dont know this was just something i thought to share:).


P.S. on the fourth expect cuteness:)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Polish rack i built very proud of myself if i may say:) i ended up throwing some away because some were too old to save:( i guess that means i can buy more >:D