I feel like i need to do this because i didn't think there were people out there who would just steal content and not give credit to where it due. Its pretty sad because being a blogger we do our own and we put work into it not like others. And because of it i have to do this. 
      I Love to share and when people love my post they are more than welcome to use them......BUT They MUST follow these rules:

-Give Me Credit Back by Linking my post back to My blog.
-DO NOT remove watermarks
-Pictures w/o Watermarks Must still be linked back to me.
-YOU MUST Ask me permission to re blog or use my content. ill reply as fast as i can.
-when you notify me about using my content ill follow you or support your blog.

I'm slowly working on getting my newer blogs containing my watermark,
But that's it. Not to difficult. Just let me know basically:)