Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pink Shock from a Blossom

Good Afternoon!!
Its funny how i said i was going to take the weekends off from my blog but because of my crazy blog is the way to get away from the craziness. This Mani is about 4 days old. Its what i was supposed to show on Pink Wednesday but i never got a chance to post it:(. But now i can!!
So i used one of the polishes i got in my Target haul. "Pink Shock" by Maybelline ? i may have spelt that wrong:/. Anyways! i accented my middle finger with inspiration from the flower in my vase of color blossoms:). I attempted and came out better that i thought, but i hope you all enjoy it:)

Have a Great Weekend friends!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Parents Should have had all girls!!!

Hey guys,
So this post holds no Nails:(. I wish it did but not today. I'm going to try to finish them tmr but gosh the way this week has been idk. So if you care to read do but if you dont care its ok i wont be but hurt if you ignore this. It may just be a rant i guess.
So i am the only girl out of two brothers. One being my twin. My twin and me are the youngest. My brother who is 29 is the oldest and we lost a sister when she was one and she is the 2nd to oldest. Im 21, as well as my twin, and we are the babies but being the only girl i tend to be way more mature.
My twin brother has a girfriend who is a B! i dont like her she is so rude and disrespectful and so rude to my brother but he is in "LOVE" so whatever we say he ignores us. I get yelled at today because im "Too Mean" to her........I DONT CARE!!!! you have to gain respect from me. seriously these too act like high school kids and its annoying. YOUR 21!!!! ACT YOUR AGE NOT UR SHOW SIZE!!
This girl wont say hi to me when my parents are home but when they are she acts all fake!! i sware my family has grown apart since they been dating.
My older brother just got divorced from a girl like this because he opened his eye and seen the light!. He is the smart boy. I DONT GET IT!! you would think he would leave from my older brothers marriage because he didnt like his wife either!!
But i cant do anything....My uncle told my family when my older brother was married that you have to let them live in misery before they can open their eye, then they will get out of darkness......i just wish it was now:(.

So thats the ISH i been dealing with this week......For those who kept reading im sorry for my ramble. and thank you for standing it:). im going to try to get the post done tmr.
but for now...
good night!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Stores, 2 Days, and 1 big haul

Boy has it been a weekend! I apologize for my extended weekend! i think i may say that weekends may be my days off from my blog. Its not that i don't want to post everyday it just makes it easy for me to catch up in my life outside of nails ;). School is going to start in two weeks for me and this semester i got a science class and i suck in science. So the more focus is what i need. So let it be known!! Weekends...Liz's Pink Nails....will be off on weekends:). Ill still respond to comments and emails and such but just not posting.
So lets get to what i have for you today. So i was going to save this but i figured i have to after Seche strike again and ruined my gorgeous Mani once more:(. I put the top coat on and it like melted my polish:( so sad so I'm going to do it again but i have to do my Pink Wed Mani for tmr. So i am showing you my haul from the weekend:).
I am part of a forum, that some of you may know, called Makeup Alley. This is a place to share nails and find things your looking for like for me nail polish i want and i can swap for and swapping for overseas polishes. I just recently started but its neat. I was reading the nail board one day and over read ladies talking about clearance polishes at Target and i had to go!! and if you guys didn't know but Ulta had their small polishes on sale for $2 bucks so i know i had to pick some up and since i was going i figured I'd stop by Target to check if mine had a clearance so this is what i got:):

The nail stickers i got to try and i was going to show them but the stickers don't cover the whole nail and i was upset by that so I'd stick to giving these to little girls because i didn't like them. but i had to try.

Then i took a picture of my Polish shelve after putting the polishes in and OMG!! its getting full!!! I'm going to have to make a new one or something because i had to put my minis i rarely use in a box. This doesn't include my next day haul......
So Sunday my older brother surprised my parents with a new sectional couch for their 32nd anniversary. With all the happiness my mom wanted to go out so we could have a good old quality time dinner without distractions so we went out. My dad needed to get a universal remote so we went to Big Lots. So i figured i don't go there a lot so i went to check out their beauty selection! and OMG!! The two polishes i got the day before i could have paid a $1 for there!! and my Art pens! $2 bucks!!!! so i got two i would use and the rest of the Sally Hansen HD collection! Check it out!
So that was my weekend. I have to get some polishes on wed but it wont be for me (Pouts) but for swapping but this will probably be my last haul for a couple of months because my chemistry books are expensive!!! Oh how i have science!! I hope i gave ya guys some great shopping sale advise:). So til tmr:) Later Friends!
PS: Lola says hi from under my pillows that were from my bed but Lola and Roxi have taken them hostage :( horrible pups. Lola is the newest to our Ninja Pack :). We call them ninjas because Roxi can steal a Cheetos puff from anyone not looking in .001 sec. Ya ridiculous. she can steal a hot dog off your plate from on top of the pillow in . 00001 sec and you would never know!! Lola is in training with Roxi because she throws farts and you would never know she did it!!! Shuts is our German Shepard and he doesn't have special abilities he is just there for good looks and intimidation:) the body guards of the assassins:). Why do i speak like this?!?! these dogs aren't normal!! they act like humans!!! but i wanted to share this rare pic of Lola because i thought she was so cute under my pillows:).

Have a great Tue guys!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

From: The Nailaholic!! --> Giveaway!!

I consider this girly a close friend:) and so excited she is throwing her first giveaway so go check it out!!

(Click Her headline on this post to be redirected to this giveaway!)

First Giveaway! Happy August!

Hi everyone! I'm not going to talk much today, we have lots to cover! Today is the beginning of my first giveaway! YAY! It is going to be easy, quick and to the point. I really don't want to have to spend years going through entries for this one! Here's what you'll be hauling with this win!

Look at all of it! *drools* All Beauty, the company that owns Ardell and China Glaze, was kind enough to donate tons of stuff for you guys to win! Some of this stuff I totally want.

From Ardell, you will be receiving three sets of lashes, DUO lash glue and Brow Tamer brow gel.

From Seche, you will receive a bottle each of the Clear Base Coat and Fast Dry Top Coat, cute little toe separators and a Pro Shine buffer. (I guess those last two are from EzFlow. ha!)

Miscellaneous items I love: Wet'n'Wild Energizing Lip Shine in Frenzied, W'n'W Blackmail, Sally Hansen Native Bronze and NYC Ice Queen.

I'm also throwing in a bottle of cuticle oil that I had laying around. I'm sure you could all use some more! China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil. YUM

Body Quench sent some Quick Tan spray and Daily Replenish lotion. You should let me know how the spray tan works. They scare me! lol

Andrea Eye-Q's Makeup Remover Pads

China Glaze Crackles in Fault Line, Black Mesh, Tarnished Gold (the one I really want! Darnit! lol) and Lightening Bolt.

China Glaze Stella (another wish list for me! lol), Emotion, Life Preserver, Traffic Jam and Pelican Gray

Zoya Ivanka

Finally, what could this be? Is it? Could it be... gLORIous? Yes! It is! I bought a bottle for me and picked up an extra of this gorgeous holo top coat for one of you! It's incredible.

So, here's how we're going to do this. Today until August 21 at 11:59pm CST (my time zone), all you have to do to enter is
1) Be a follower
2) Comment telling me you are a follower. Leave your follower tag, how you follow and your email.
3) Get an extra entry by either blogging about the giveaway OR putting me in a sidebar/giveaway page. Leave a SEPARATE comment on this post with the link to the post. (If you don't put them in separate comments, you won't get the extra entry!)

On August 21, I will put the number of comments in and let it choose a winning comment for me. Simple!

So, that's it! Unfortunately, I can't send these to international followers. I'm thinking of a good giveaway that will be JUST for international readers, but I haven't come up with anything different yet. I'm sorry! It will come soon though!

Thanks everyone for joining, reading every day and being so supportive. I appreciate every single one of you! Good luck!