Friday, May 17, 2013

A sour Skittle...maybe...

Good Morning!!!

So i came up with this Mani idea because if you didn't know Sinful Colors has polishes where they have glitters that are perfect top coats and the same color in a solid tone that match..i love it and i been wanting to match them like this so here it goes....

So tell me what you think!!
til then have an amazing day and hope to see ya next time!!!
<3 Liz

P.S.: Have an Amazing Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pink Ombre

Good morning!!!

I'm hoping you all been having an amazing day. Or happy that you made it to hump day?
I can't wait for the week to end but then i dont want the weekend because it means work and crazy customers....rude customers.....:(


So i have done the ombre thing before and i was trying to do it a different way but i just went back to the old way so here it is!!

Sinful Colors:
"soul Mate"

 well i hope you guys liked it i loved the colors and i added some glitter from a unmarked glitter polish

Well there it is!!
Til next time guys!!
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Good Morning!!!!

So today's mani was something random. It started off as with stamping and ended in a complete fail so i just thought of grass and got tell me what you think because i don't know what to think of it....i like the colors of the mani.....

So in this i used a Sinful color polish : "Rise and Shine"
(I LOOOOVE the color so much)

I hope you guys enjoy!!
til next time friends!!
have a great day
<3 Liz