Monday, July 11, 2011

Where is MY USB CORD!!!!!!???????

So remember me telling you all about how my camera i normally use to take pics with died.....well the batteries did.....and now I'm stuck with my Samsung....well here is the thing.
This morning after taking pics of my mail haul post i failed to return my SD card back to my camera and when i was taking pictures of my Mani of the day, i realized it wasn't in there:(. All my Today Mani pics are in there and now i cant find my USB cord to my camera so i can plug it in my computer.....eventually ill find it i actually think i have a backup one but i need to get it and I'm pretty tired right now so i may have to post today's blog tmr:(
So before i say good night i was to apologize for a fail to post today:(
night friends

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