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Hey guys!!
So a lot has happen to my blogger as well as my tumble and other things. I have a lot of things to put myself out there:). I finally decided to fix this:). So below you will find everywhere you can see me. My blogs, web, facebook, twitter, pages, etc. (ya im everwhere). My tumblr and webs is basically the same as my blogger its just there to get more audience. My tumblr is how i started my nail journals so there may be some stuff thats not on here but same. My webs is more simple because its the latest thing i have did and i had to catch it up but i may delete that.  I have a facebook Page for Liz's Pink Nails you can check out. that is just pictures. not detailed pictures like on my blogger. And facebook and twitter are well of course me:). So look below for links:)

       (To contact me Directly. comes to my cell so quick response)
This is my other blog:)