Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sinful Haul

Good Morning!!!
I hope you are all doing great! I missed you guys and I'm having blog withdraws! So i had to do some scheduled postings but I'm giving you guys something. I been so busy with school starting and my family looking for a new house and just so much! but i have some neat post for you not as creative as i want but with time constraints this past week it hasn't been easy.
So to start the fun postings!! Nail Polish HAULS!! So if you guys didn't know Walgreen's had their Sinful Colors Polish on sale for $.99 cents! i was so excited!! i seriously spent like about $20 bucks on polish this week and i only am missing like 5 polishes from all the ones they have of SC at My Walgreen's. I ALMOST HAVE A WHOLE COLLECTION!!! And i also had to make a run to the only little store in my house town to get some girly items and also decided to look at the polish there so i got some for a $1 for LA colors polish i got 6 and 2 of each so i can send the other set to my wonderful friend in Poland in our next swap:). I cant wait to get her package!! i should be getting it this week so I'm seriously waiting like a little kid on Christmas!! So anyways lets get to this post!

the bundle all together:)
Let Me Go, Purple Diamond, I Miss You, Bali Mist, I Love You

Snow Me White, (not sure? but a light pink shimmer), You Just Wait, Pinky Glitter, Call You Later
Gorgeous, Savage, Hot Spot
the names are obvious. I got a lot of top coat but its also to help with some future frankens:)
hardener and help strengthen for my nails, Amethyst, Pink Sizzle

So ya there they are! I'm so excited to work with them! Expect some swatches on them:).
So i hope you are all doing well! Hope you enjoyed this post:)
Til next time ladies!

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Sarah said...

OMG! Awesome haul!