Friday, July 22, 2011

100 Follower giveaway!!!! (NOW CLOSED)

Good Afternoon!!
Alright so it has been bugging me on what to do with this prize! First followers you remember this story:). About a couple weeks ago i had ordered some Nail art pens off eBay and i just ordered one and to my surprise i got TWO sets. YES TWO!! Mind you i only ordered ONE and they sent me two. I have no idea why but i didn't care. It was OK with the seller but i didn't know what to do with this second set. Lately i been thinking.....Should i give it away or keep it so when i run out of one i have a extra......well...i decided!! Obviously you know whats going to happen because i wrote it as my Title :P. So I'm giving it away!!! for free!! I'm willing to do this as a international Giveaway because i would like it to be open to all my followers because you guys are the ones who make me excited to do my nails almost everyday so its only fair:). So let me introduce the set:)
*This is my set but they are exactly the same just the other set is in two separate zip bags that have never been open.

Here it is! 20 colors: 10 glitters and 10 solid colors some shimmer. I think i may be doing this differently than others but with good reason:). I want to make it to 100 followers. With the rules I'll be posting, i should get about 100 followers. On this Giveaway there is no deadline......YET. Here is what i want to do. When i reach 100 followers i will set a deadline and of course choose a winner. So this could possibly go on forever hopefully not. If it seems to take to long i will cut it short but who knows:). There is possible chances to gain a extra entry for this giveaway but You must fill out the form and be one of my Followers first before i can give you extra entries . So lets see the Form!!!:)


ph0ebe said...

congrats =) just wanna know when will this giveaway ends. thank you ^^

Liz'sPinkNails said...

@phoebe: Thanks so much and it ends when i reach 100 followers as stated but i may end it earlier depending if i think it has gone on too long. But no worries i will post about it with 3 days prior to ending it.

romipo said...

thanks for the giveaway!!!

Bebe said...


Thanks for the giveaway, I've entered a month ago.

Now, I've tweeted the giveaway again at!/pllee88/status/136663317686136832

Hopefully, more will enter.

liveit said...

Thank you for the giveaway