Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have "American Beauty"!!

Hey guys!!!

Normally i don't post on weekends but i figured i would just because i have disappeared for so long:(. So for starters!! I MISS YOU ALL!!! Even to my New followers so happy that you decided to join me:) I hope you git a chance to check out some of my old post but no fear I'm trying to stay on the ball:)

OK so I'm sure a lot of you have hear about Julep? If not ill tell ya:)

Julep is seriously still a new company and i have to say i love!! their polish!! They have a thing where if you take a little test and they give you your certain style, which mine was "American Beauty" and you can chose to get a sneak peak box every month for $20 a month:). Each box has some polish as well as some goodies to keep you hands and nails gorgeous!! I seriously Love this box and today I'm going to show you mine:) If your interested in doing this too CLICK HERE and it will take you to the website. The little quiz is fun and the box is even better and seriously it shipped so fast!!! i believe it was like 4 days after i ordered it i got it and Shipping is FREE!! just pick the Marven julep shipping and you got free shipping.

So lets check out my box:)

 This little note is to describe what i have:)
Cutest bag ever!!!
 everything inside:)/ The big box is "Facial for Hands" glycolic hand scrub and it was a hug thing i thought it was all samples but nope the real deal. That cost about $32 so right there i got a great deal $20 for all this:). Then the three polishes and two samples:)
 The cutest wrapping!!! holding my precious polishes in there:) i didn't want to open it!!
 TA DA!!! Fall '11 "Alfre" not yet released:), "Cameron", and a Julep Nail therapy which i have to say is the greatest thing ever and it smells good not like regular polishes!

 So that was my amazing box i cant wait to get this months i got this about 4 days ago but haven't been able to post anything til now. So once again if you are interested in getting your own Custom Beauty editor Sneak Peek Box go HERE to sign up:)

Til next time:)
Bye guys!!!
<3 Liz


thenailaholic said...

I'm glad you were one of the ones who had a good experience :)

Liz'sPinkNails said...

have you ordered one?