Thursday, September 1, 2011

I swear im a live!

Hello Loves!!
I know i know your probably thinking ow what happened to LIZ!!! I want to apologize :(. Its been crazy. With work and is crazy!! So much HW but that's what i get for taking two science classes. On top of that...I'm having issues with my job now. I love some of the ppl there but some ppl i am just getting bugged over. Plus i found a job that will help me gain experience for my career and major. So i been learning about it and finally finished the application just have to turn it in tmr before work:).

What else have i been doing you ask? Well a lot of research and video watching. My hair had grown so long. I love long hair but mine was too bland and had no layers anymore so i don't have money to go get it cut by a professional so i was looking up videos on how to do it myself......and.....I DID IT!!! i love it too!!! it looks short but my longest layer is actually only 3 inches from the normal length. Mind you the original length was past the middle of my back:).

Also i been trying to learn how to make a great franken so ya a lot of research with that. I hope to post stuff soon and actually that's my goal this weekend:) a long with homework.

So ya i wanted to update you all on my life so i hope you are all doing great i miss you all of course:).

Hope to post soon!!!

<3 Liz

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