Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you? 10 year anniversary.

I was asleep when i heard my mom scream my name in horror. It was earlier than my alarm was set to wake me up for school and all i could think was "mom its too freaking early WHAT?!" i was 11 years old and in middle school. I run to the living room because i realize my moms screams turn into tears and crying. I was so scared. My brothers and my mom were starring at the television in horror as their hands covered their faces. My mom looks at me and says, "Mija...look at the TV." when i looked at the TV i was wondering what this big big with smoke coming out of it was, it must have been important. I asked what happened and my family informed me that a plane had crashed into one of the trade center buildings in NY. I didn't think anything until i noticed something flying out of the building. A small shape. I looked closer and realized it was the people inside the building jumping out of the windows. I was so scared to see this and as a 11 year old you can understand that the closest i seen to death was my Nana dying on her death bed in a hospital, never a suicide. I sat to keep watching and tears start to come out of my eyes. Then all of a sudden people on the news station start to freak out, "ANOTHER PLANE!!" And my world crashed down as i seen the second airplane hit the second twin tower. I couldn't believe what i saw. I was thinking about all the people on those floors and how now they are all dead. I couldn't take it so i went to get ready to school.

After getting ready i returned to the living room with my socks and shoes as well as my back pack. And my brothers and mother had gotten ready as well but have kept a close eye on the burning buildings. What happen next was the scariest part. We were looking at the television when we seen the crumble of the first building and my mother gasp and hit the floor and started to pray. I was scared, what do we do now? then we notice later the second one falls as well. That was it. The station showed footage of people covered in debris and beaten up by the horror around them. People crying people who were hopeless.

I had to go to school but i couldn't picture having class when our country was just under attack. My stomach hurt from what i had seen on the TV to where i wish they would cancel school. I  got there and when to drop off my instrument in the band room and sure enough i wasn't the only one who saw it. Outside you could hear police cars going crazy. Every class that day was playing the news on all the televisions. It was the first time we realized that the TVs in our classrooms had cable on them because we were always used to seeing the ugly green and yellow clock burnt into the TV. Every teacher that day didn't have the heart to teacher. We didn't even dress out for PE because my teacher wasn't in the mood.

America was depressed and everyone could feel it.

I tell this story about what happen to me on September 11th, 2001 that Tuesday morning because as you all know that today is the 10th year anniversary. And ever now I'm 21 ans i know when I'm 81 or 71 ill remember that day like it was yesterday.

Where were you on that morning? Go a head a comment here. :)

Hope you all had a great day and hope you enjoy my nail tribute. God Bless!

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