Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Pictures......just talk for a bit.

Good evening friends!
I'm hopping your Sunday/ Weekend was amazing as mine. Today like every Sunday i worked at 6am and so when i come hope i rest then nap and wake up late. So I'm sorry for the late post.
I just wanted you guys to know about what going to be coming up this week. As some may know i am a college student. This year well semester really is my last semester at my community college and I'll be slowly transferring over to Arizona State University :D I'm super excited!
I'm EXCITED for school to start. i have a pretty relaxed schedule which thank god for! But school starts tmr.!!
I'm writing this post to inform you all that I plan to keep up with my Post but also my education does come first so if i get busy you all know why:). I don't want to neglect my blog because i love doing this which is why I'm so excited about my schedule. But ya that's what i wanted to tell you guy i didn't want you guys to freak if i was gone for days:).
I hope to post tmr because my online classes start and one night class but if i don't:) you know why:)

Love ya guys so much!!
-Liz <3

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thenailaholic said...

How exciting! Good luck!