Thursday, July 7, 2011

China Crackle

Hello! Two late post but shockingly these two post are the colors i had on all Wednesday. I had a lot of naps throughout the day and i couldn't sleep so i did one of my ideas i was going nuts over. So i recently go this crackle and i knew i can do some crazy color combos. But when i was txting my boyfriend he was asking what colors? Lakers colors?! so i said no because i didn't have either but it inspired this Mani. so dedicated to my love.......Lakers Colors just beacause he is a Lakers freak:)

*China Glaze crackle "Fault Line" and Avon's "Sunshine"

You may notice i don't have my acrylics on well one chipped at work (DARN IT!!!) and one was loose because of too much water exposer so i decided to take them off and also because i wanted to try a different tip that will make them less wide. But hope you like the Mani!



thenailaholic said...

I LOVE Fault Line with crazy colors! It's perfect :)

Liz'sPinkNails said...

@thenailaholic: Ya thats why im going crazy! partially because some many brights can go under that!! i love purple!!