Saturday, July 9, 2011

Polish Haul July 8th, 2011

Normally when i go on hauls it because i get stuck in town and i need something to do to pass the time. Small hauls are when I'm by myself because i don't have my boyfriend to stop me so i have to control myself:). I got a total of 5 yesterday and i wouldn't had 7 but i put two back because my boyfriend made me compromise. No Claire's if i got the two Sally Hansen's. so i put them back because i been dying to get some mood changing colors:). so with out further a due....Check it out!!!

*Left to right: Claire's "Glam" and mood changing "Calm/ Wild", Wet N' Wild "Blue wants to be a millionaire", "Party of five colors", and "Hannah Pinktana"

So there are random. Since i built my polish shelve i can see what i need and now when i get polish its a combination of what i want and need to add to my collection so that's why they are kinda random. I need blues i realized so you may be seeing a lot ha. I have another haul coming through mail because Sally's has a lot of polish on sale online. Mostly clearance and if its still going on the finger paint is buy 2 get one free:).
Back to this haul, the Claire's is buy one get one 50% off so which is why i bought two. The Wet n' Wild were $1.99 at Walgreen's so i got them:)


thenailaholic said...

I love Hannah Pinktana and Blue Wants....... but I can't find BWtbaM! I know I bought it, but it's missing! Good choices! :)

Liz'sPinkNails said...

The horror of ever nail polish lover:( loosing nail polish O_O ! i hope you find it cuz it sure looks cute i cant wait to show it!!