Thursday, July 7, 2011

New DOGGY!!!

OK so recently a friend of mine posted about giving a English bulldog away to a good home. Me dummy had to ask my older brother "Which ones are those? the ones that walks around all buff looking?" and my brother say yes and asked why. when i told him why i asked his first words were "I WANT IT!" so we talked to my friend and today as I'm writing this I'm waiting for the call to go meet my friend and her boyfriend to pick up Lola:).
My family is very sympathetic to dogs. We have a German Shepard named Shuts, yes that's his name because his previous owner was forced to tell him to "shut the H*** up" when he was a puppy due to continuous barking that Shuts he thought was his name. and i bought Roxi, my shiatsu puppy last year around February because i planned to move northern Arizona to go to the university and i didn't want to be completely alone so i bought her.
We love our dogs too much and we are so excited to add another to our "Ninja" pack. Roxi is a ninja! And she loves cheese and popcorn, thanks to my mother. Shuts just loves rakes and balls. Cant wait to see what Lola likes:).
The reason i post this today is not to just share my love for dogs but because i think with the new dog and training Roxi to love Lola and not hate her will take time. I'm pretty much on my own to do this til late tonight when the boys in the family come home. So this is my post for today i guess you can say.
I'm still rocking my Laker's inspired Mani crackle so nothing new. If i get a chance I'm going to re due my nails with acrylic. BUT if i have time:(.

Til Next time:)
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