Monday, July 4, 2011

Super/ Mini Hauls

Ok i failed! normally after i come home from any kinda haul and id be so excited id want to share with you guys. but the last three i haven't. Its probably just because its been busy. With boyfriend coming home and the holidays and picking up more shifts at work, its been crazy but i have a little time to breathe before i get up and get ready for work on the 4th of July :(.

So here is two pictures of the three separates hauls i did. Now you may have seen them used in some of my manis earlier but i never properly introduced them to you:)
*just another angle to see some shine:)
*Left to Right: Sally Hansens's "Posh Plum" & "Rockstar Pink", Sinful Colors's "Rise and Shine" & "Hottie", and NYC "Starry Silver Glitter".
This is the third to the last haul i did. If you read back i was upset because i was waiting and waiting for my stuff i ordered online to come in and then i epically failed my marble polish. That day i had to get some stuff from Target and i went by the nail polish area and picked up some stuff to make my day:). It did too:) here is my Target haul!

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen's Crackle "Fractured Foil", Seche Vite Top Coat, OPI's Suede "OPI Ink"

This was the second to last haul and i went specifically for the Seche Vite Top coat and came out with two extra. I stopped by the clearance at Ulta because i really wanted the OPI i originally wanted when i got the china glaze polish i grabbed by accident a couple weeks back and BANG! it was there the last bottle!! so i grabbed it. and then i seen the Crackle and i didn't have one at this point, any crackle at all, so i got the silver.

*China Glaze's Crackle "fault Line"

This was my last Mini haul. I was at work and one of my wonderful Nail critics that feeds my nail obsession gave me a coupon i couldn't resist to Ulta. A 20% off coupon already printed off. Since it was going to expire on the 3rd of July i had to go in and find something, of course there was going to be something:). So i got this crackle i have yet to try. I needed crackle in my stash pile so now i have two and i have some crazy plans for this one:).

So ya this was the last three hauls in one post. I'm excited to start using them! i have a lot of polish i have yet to try still...i know i'm crazy. From a lot of the hauls i have done i have about 20 i haven't even opened yet and i'm going to soon. So Hope you enjoyed this:)

Thanks for reading friends:)


thenailaholic said...

You picked up some really good polishes!

LizIsPink said...

i try to get what i dont have but things i want haha. its not always easy haha

Kirsten said...

And that would be me! Glad to help! :)

Liz'sPinkNails said...

@Kirsten: yes indeed ha ha your my nail polish sidekick! haha well more like partner in crime ha