Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pink Wednesday with a Braid!!! Inspired DIY #1

Good Evening Guys!!!!

So i decided to do something fun!!
I call it "30 Days of DIY Inspiration"!!!

So what will happen is I'm finding all the "Tutorials" that show how to do a nail design or pictured from other nail junkies and taking their inspiration of their manis to do mine like theres......if that makes sense. ....

Now i don't want to steal pictures so i hope they can find my blog or i get to them to let them know I'm sharing, because I'm inspired by them...ya!

So ya i just want to share with you guys on what inspires me that day/ week and share with you guys that it is do-able...if that makes sense....ugh i feel like I'm not making sense but oh well , well here is the first (Day #1) of inspiration!!!

 So i saw this on my instagram feed one night and i was so determined to try it so here it is and if you want to follow this gal...DO IT!!!!
 And then here is my try at it!!

 So the only trouble i had with this is i didn't let the pink dry enough because it smeared thought the white and same with the white. But other than that i got a lot of compliments on it and everyone was in love with them.

All the polishes were Sinful Color except the Zoya which was the gold! But ya hope you guys enjoy and if you try i soooo want to see how urs come out!!! Please email me you pics and ill put them in a collage for the end of the 30 days!!!

So ya til next time guys have an amazing day!!!!
<3 Liz

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