Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nail Art Society!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!

So i decided to subscribe to the Nail Art Society and so this month i got my first package!!!

Now this subscription is all Nail art stuff that will help you save money on your nails by showing how to do them at home.

This month was a special one based off of Kiss USA nail art products and let me just say......I WAS IN LOVE....and still am!!

So here are the pictures....

 I was shocked with how thick the package was!!!!
 all the goodies!!!!

so I'm still trying to think of ideas to use these so when i do ill be sure to refer to them!! But ya that's what was all in it!

I'm super excited to use them all so hopefully soon.
well til Next time guys have an amazing day!!!

<3 Liz

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