Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birchbox May Box

Good Morning!!!!!

So another long awaited post for my Birchbox!!!

So another sub that is another $10 a month and features 4-5 samples with sometimes being full sized. Lets just get to the pics!!!
the gorgeous pink box....
 the original brown box....
 in packaging.......
 and the unveiling....

Whats in the Box:
-Sumita color contrast Eyeliner (Black)
-Tweezerman File mate (in green)
-Beauty Protector & De tangle
-Folle de joie eau de parfum
-Coola classic SPF 30 Cucumber moisturizer for face

So first the eyeliner i was kinda disappointed in. I'm not sure if it was because of the shipping to AZ but the eyeliner was very melt like. When ever i would try to apply it kinda like didn't keep a point shape and it constantly broke off so i don't know if that's just how it is but it was so hard to use i didn't even want to keep trying it.

2) the Tweezerman match box....adorable and for me i love it better than taking a big nail file around so i will definitely buy more and they are $5!!!

3) the beauty protector was another love because it made my hair so soft and smells amazing!! and for hair that tangles it did its job.....must buy the real thing!!!

4) The perfume i like! wasn't super fan but it smells nice. a floral scent.

5)the Coola was actually nice. i been looking for a moisturizer that isn't super thick and not oily and i think this is it!! I mean i been to Lush to find the same and i did its almost the same as their vanishing Creme. But it was nice the smell was cucumber but i didn't like the smell.

So ya that was the whole box.
Hope you all have an amazing day!!!
<3 Liz

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