Monday, April 15, 2013

First Ipsy Bag ....WELCOME APRIL!!!!

And we start back with a Ipsy Bag review!!!

So i came up on this ipsy bag when i was on one of my bored days of YouTube browsing.......i lied I'm always on YouTube it seems. ANYWAYS!!! i was watching a video and heard the price and realized it was a great deal!! so i subscribed to it!!

So its just like a cosmetic bag that comes with 4 to 5 samples of beauty products. Sometimes they may be full sizes. The beauty bag is also a great little prize as well. Its a monthly subscription so it comes once a month and is billed once a month. But when you sign up you are first put on a wait list but it goes by fast.

So here is mine!!! -reviews will follow the pictures!

So the Lovely ipsy bag comes in a gorgeous pink envelope! which HELLO!!!! i love!!!! its pink for crying out loud loved it!!

Then you pull out this cutie!!! and .....

 these cards!! Now each ipsy bag has a theme. This month was "Pretty in Pink". the other was a VIP thing for a vlogger thing i believe.

This is what the inside of the bag looks like if you were curious....

THE GOOD STUFF!!!! These are what i got in this month!!

and out of the box (Left to right): Sation "love at first byte" (for ipsy), Be a bombshell blush (full size)  in "Beach Please", sexy hair Powder play, and Two Cosmetics "Heartache".

So I'm assuming this was a special color for ipsy. At first i was excited for it because i been into pastels lately and i love the peach colors but when i applied was sheer. I was kinda sad but then i realized......JELLY SAND WHICH!!! so that's what ill be using it for. otherwise it will take a couple coats to have it more of a pigmented color.

I seen the color and i was scared. It was pretty bright pink and i was terrified to put it on but i burly tapped into it and placed it on my cheeks and it wasn't too bad..still scared of it but i loved how much there was in the compact so i will probably order more just not this bright :/.

I don't think the picture helped the color that it was but it was nice. Still a little bright so i used a different mix of colors for them to work but ya.

So the "beach please" blush is the far left, then the lighter of the eye shadow in the middle, and the darker of the shadow on the far right.

And the swatch of the nail polish. This is after 4 coats. still kinda sheer.

Overall it was a nice first bag. I was impressed with the bag because i seen videos and how people didn't like the quality of it but I'm assuming they fixed it because it was pretty nice. The makeup was kinda bright for me but i love the powders and how they work well when you use them so lets hope! ha

The sexy hair Powder play was amazing too!! it really work on what it promises i will definitely be buying a full size. I gained so much volume with it!! and the sample will last a while too.

Well that's all for now guys
I'm thinking of doing Vlogs.....what do you guys think!!??

Well leave comments friends!!
til next time guys!
<3 Liz

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