Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pink Love!!!!!

Good Morning Beautiful People!!!!

Happy Wednesday!! So when i first started my blog, i decided to join a the "Pink Wednesdays" so let me at lease participate and boy did i find a gorgeous pink to share with you. OK i didn't find it actually came to me in Birchbox for this month. But i was still super excited!!!! 

Normally when i get polishes in these i get nervous because i can be picky with colors but i been overall satisfied so ya.

So the polish is the Ruby Wing color changing Nail Polish in "Poppy".
I love they polish because it was very thick in terms of sheer or not (for lack of brain function) and i only needed two coats. I will definitely be buying more of this brand of more of the color changing polishes because they are fun. 

I have other color changing polishes like from Del Sol but this was pretty nice because its just a simple solid color.

well i was going to try to get a picture of it when it transition into the plum like pink but i couldn't get a good one:( and yes i took pictures in class ha ha.

til next time guys have a great day!!
<3 Liz

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