Friday, April 12, 2013

Life will get tough, but put a smile on and work harder.

Hey guys!,
long time no text right? I know I'm seriously the worst blogger ever!!!! I am guys lets not be around the bush i know i am....:(...... ANYWAY!

life has been a journey! as you may know i moved out in August to go to a University to finish my Degree and live my dreams....Ya it sucks!!!
I mean you guys remembered the money issues we had at first with jobs not living up to their promises and getting slapped in the face with hours we never got. It was so tough!!!
Then we start school.....:(. Wow....University is way different than community college level. See the thing is everything I'm experiencing is a first for my family. I'm a first generation college grad. So this is like all knew to me. My older brother was going to a law enforcement tech school and dropped out because of issues the school had and money. My twin brother, i encourage him to go, he went but then just stopped because of money and girlfriend issues (ridiculous but i think he just needs to find himself). I have been fortunate enough to still fight my way through. But this level I'm now on is intense!!! Upper division is kicking my butt and I'm actually working harder at getting assignments done and i cannot tell you how many assignment tracker and calenders and school helping apps i have on my tablet!!! I'm so organized its crazy!! The fact that i don't care when i bring my baggy or colored pencils to my water planet class for our exam instead of a plain pen or pencil (we do sketches or water systems for our exams) and people look at me like I'm a nerd.......I DON'T CARE HOME TURKEY!!! I'M DOING WHAT I GOT TO TO PASS THIS TEST AND KEEP MYSELF ON POINT OTHERWISE  i would be so lost because my DRAW LIKE A 3 YEAR OLD!!! and i have two baby is i know how bad they draw......ya!

So ya i have really never been so focused. Its so hard! sometimes i want to just give up but i have too much riding on it to. My parents mean so much to me and they have worked too hard to get me where i am. Every soccer game, every band concert, every football game, every DECA trip, not seeing me for days because i was always at school, All the money on my sport stuff, professional attire, and just high school kid stuff. They have done so much for me. I know they would love to tell people about their daughter who has a BA in political science, oh and is now working on other degrees!! Not only that but i want a great future and i know the career i want will help with that, not working in customer service anymore is really what i mean!

I know it gets tough but i also know i got to keep going. I'm a christian and though some of you may not be I'm not trying to put god on you just writing what my stuff so don't get offended. but i know that God will never give us too much we cant handle. When i really get stressed i stop......pray for help and guidance.....and get back to it with a better focus.

I know this is a nail blog but its also my blog so i do apologize if i bored most of you or upset you. I just feel like sometimes these things really help you get to know the person behind the blog.

On a lighter note...I WILL BE MAKING CHANGES TO THIS i mean more on what i post and maybe a new name! I been really getting into makeup and just beauty stuff so tell me how you guys feel about that. I could always make another blog i guess.

Well i think i rambled on way too long so i think it is time for me to end this novel.
til next time guys....
<3 Liz


Kirsten said...

You can do it, Liz! I know you can. We need to hang out and just have some fun soon!

Liz'sPinkNails said...

Thanks Kirsten!! Ya we do!!! need to catch up and do some nail fun!!!!