Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Start

Hello my wonderful followers!
I am really sorry for being away for long periods of time. There has been a lot going on and i will admit...i lost my desire to be creative for a while there.

This past May i graduated from my Community college i been attending for four years. It has been a big thing in my family since i am the first in my family to graduate college. I earned my Associates of Arts for those who are curious. Since graudating its been not stop workin and finalizing my paperwork for Arizona state University as well as looking for a new home:). Next i will be working on my Bachelors in Secondary Education in political science. So pretty much i been finally relaxing from all the stress the last four years:). Good news, WE FOUND A APARTMENT and just now waiting til its time to leave our small towns. I say us because I'll be living with my boyfriend and sister because we are all going to school there.

Then i guess with all the stress, i just got in a funk and was not feeling creative. It's funny because i couldnt bare to have naked nails so i would force myself to polish them and put a glitter top on so it had some thought. I have no idea where the funk came from. But recently i been getting back to my way and i hope it stays.

My goals in the last month i have at home is to of course spend good time with my family and hang out with friends but also keep blogging. My giveaway is still going i actually have 83 followers so very close but i actually tend to end the giveaway by the end of the month if not earlier. Like i mentioned before i wanted to add to it so i still need to. with money crunching for tuition, its been tough but i want to make it special because a lot of you have been waiting forever and let me just say i love you guys!!!.

Well thats it so far i do have some post coming because i had some cute manis i still wanted to share so be looking out for them, but until then...Later friends!!

<3 Liz

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