Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Flip Flop Frenzy!

So each year, Old Navy has the greatest one day wonder deal on Flip Flops... have you heard of it? $1/ Flip Flop. Yes and the store is filled with flip flop freaks crazy for the restricted 5 per person pairs. This was my fourth time working a flip flop frenzy day, Yes i work at Old navy, so i decided to do my nails!! We always have a theme for associates for one it helps customers recognize the employees so if they have questions. second it brings fun to the day for us employees so we don't go to crazy ;). It is really amazing because when we have fun events like this, this year really it started, i have had the pleasure of sharing nail art designs for events with another polishaholic who is a co- worker of mine:). She had the stamp design from the new Bundle monster collection that just came out while i had a brush:). Our theme this year was our Flag tees so i did the whole 4th of July theme flip flop:).  Here it is....

*I shouldn't have put the stars on :( i feel like it made it bad.*

Wanted to give a view of the thumb since it is different.

The one's who made this possible
(Left to right top): Base A Seche Restore, OPI "Speak for Your Elf", China Glaze "Blue Years Eve", OPI "I Juggle...Men", Sinful Colors "Snow Me White", Sinful Colors "Hot Spot", Sally Hansen "Red", Seche Vite Top Coat.
Bottom: Sally Hansen "Silver" Nail art Pen, 20/0 Royal SG250 Brush (From Micheal's)

This is my right hand. i did some star because lets face it...i could never do wht i did on my left hand on my right. i suck drawin, writing, and just anything with my left hand so i just did this. Even my stars looked bad ha.

Well thats all yall! haha i hope you guys like it and i hope some of my readers got some $1 flip flops:). Later Friends!!

<3 Liz

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Kirsten said...

Oh yeah! That's right our nails rocked that day! :)