Friday, February 10, 2012

Guess who is BACK!?!?!?

First things first! I'm So SORRY!! I didn't plan to stay away that long. Truth is school and work a long with a horrible computer to my life over. Mostly just a bad computer. My old computer was a Compaq and i had it since 08' and it would not let me on blogger what so ever. I always got the "site error" page. But it was fine because i needed the time last semester. 
 But i got a new laptop!!! so no more worries! This wont be a nail post and to be honest it may take me a couple days to get back into the flow of posting specially since i want to fix my page a bit before posting more.
 I did want to thank you followers because i didn't loose anyone! but gain some! which i appreciate! MY GIVEAWAY!!! well its still going no worries i still have the pens i check on them to make sure they are good and i think i want to add onto it so be on the look out! 
LOTS of nail shopping since last postings so get ready friends!!!
Great to be back!!
-Liz <3 

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melitta said...

I'm glad youre back! :)

p.s. I've left you a little something on my blog!