Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sally you Sparkle! :Pink wed!

Good Morning!
So recently i just shipped off my first swap to a friend in Poland and she was so excited for what i got her. I got her the Stem OPI mini collection, because sadly we had no more of the big bottle polishes at my Ulta, and some Sally Hansen Salon Effects about 5 of them. I ended up making two trips to a Walgreens because the had a buy 1 get 1 half off. When i checked out the ladies asked me if i had tried them and i felt horrible that i couldn't brag about them:/. So on my last trip to Walgreens i figured since i had to get one more for my Poland friend I'd get one for me to try:).
Here i got the "Bring it on" this was one my friend requested and may i say she had awesome taste because it was my favorite! I love these things!! for 1...there is no mess....2...goes on like a glove! 3. its just like polish!! and 4. it sticks like regular polish! I was afraid it would come off like a sticker but warm fingers help make it stick and it is like nail polish because hen i tryed to peel it my surprise it was like polish and it had to be removed with nail polish remover. I love these just sad that they are a lot. But if you haven't already tried the,....GO NOW lol.

Hope you guys liked my Pink Wednesday Mani!! Have a great day guy!!

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Sarah said...

Wow, that looks great!!