Monday, August 8, 2011

Essence Nail swatches

Shocker right!?!? You know me being on time for a blog!! Ha ya so because My Love is away, this kitty is trying to get her blogs up:). I tend to get distracted when he is around but then this past week has just been the worst roller coaster so I'm happy its gone!
So Today i show you a review of some polishes i was sent. These little sweeties can be bought at Ulta for US readers and other countries.......IDK but you do:). So i was excited to see this huge box but i realized it wasn't heavy i opened it and this little package came out ha ha.
so i shall introduce you to them:). I would like to apologize for the messiness of my nails because i just wanted to try the all really fast:). SO READ ON!!!

The lovely set i will introduce one by one:)
"Dress For A Moment" is the polish and i love Purple and specially the light pastel purple!!

"Irreplaceable" This looker shocked me!! i seriously love it....LOVE at first sight no lie. I love the shimmer and it was just pure gorgeous!
"You Belong To Me" this is another pastel that i loved!! I'm serious the pastels i was sent were the greatest ever!!
"Mellow Yellow" I have to say i have three favorite colors...Pink, Purple, and yellow!! I was crazy for this Yellow! so simple and so soft!
"Wake Up!" Seriously how loud can this polish be?!?! i still liked it i don't have a lot of orange in my collection but this one i liked a lot:)
"Let's Get Lost" I like the solid of this color! Now i have a couple polishes very similar but a little shade off but idk something about this one i love:)
"Where Is The Party? Now i already have this girl from previous essence minis i bought at ulta but i still love it. But now its time to properly introduce her:) i love the shine she gives off as well. The new bottle i will have to save for a giveaway;).

So here you have it! I hope you ladies go pick some of these up if you haven't already! :). But till tmr:) Ill see ya guys later. hope you all have a great day!!

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