Monday, July 25, 2011

My Assassin strips ;)

Good Morning Friends!!
I hope you all had an relaxing weekend! Mine was pretty crazy but i came out with some cool stuff:). Because Ulta was having the 20% off your entire purchase i had to go in and get some OPIs because its hard to find them cheaper online really. If you ladies know a site...please share:) and I'll love you forever! So YA i got some on Saturday which i will be sharing with you on another post but TODAY...I'm going to share with you the one you all been waiting for.......The Claire's Mani i promised!!
So i loved this Mani! I was in a creative mood but also lazy mood and i was cutting strips of tape and then i sat there like "What do i do now?" so i placed them randomly and BOOM!! my Mani:). check it!

This is Claire's "Calm/ Wild" mood changing and Ulta's "scene Steeler". The polishes i used:)

After seeing the My Left hand now for the Right:)

Well i hope you all enjoyed this:) It was fun doing this design but sad to say it chipped before the night was over. I don't know if it was because i worked but it did and its sad to say...but I'm going to be looking for another brand of Top coat because Seche Failed me:( My polish seriously started to peel off! like i would just take it off and like all the Grey you see on my nails would come off like a sticker looking . So clear and the grey design off with my top coat. I don't know if that makes sense but i have a picture on my cell ill have to upload. Just so sad about if you ladies have a great top coat let me know i need suggestions:)

Have a great day Ladies!


thenailaholic said...

OPI doesn't allow their polishes to be sold online. That's why you can't find them. Bummer, I know

Nailderella said...

what a cool mani! ;D

I don't use the same top coat all the time, I like changing cos I haven't found the perfect one yet...

Liz'sPinkNails said...

@thenailaholic: That is bummer:( well good them i got them on sale. slowly building my OPI collection:)

@nailderella: Wow ok now i just need to search then:( this could take a while:). and thank you:)