Friday, July 29, 2011

Choose Me and the Flower

So i had to do a blue today because after a week i get to go see my love today and his favorite color is of course you guessed it right BLUE!! but what guy doesn't love blue.....*CRAZY* sorry i had a sneeze;).
So i used the essence mini bottle of "Choose Me!" this is so pretty the pictures don't do it justice because the glitter inside the bottle actually is like gold and green so when you look at it in person it has a green gold look but when your nails are in a certain position its blue. gorgeous color.
So not only was it the polish but i was feeling a little adventurous and decided to draw a flower. not the greatest but pretty good for my first flower:). the paints i used are nail art pen which actually the tall one is my set but these colors are in the set I'm giving for my giveaway so make sure you entered already:)
I hope you guys enjoyed this! now i have to get ready for my date:). Have a great day and leave me a comment:)



Olivia C. said...

I almost picked up that blue the other day in Ulta. Now I'm sad that I didn't- it's so pretty! And it looks really good on you. The flower is so cute! :)

Liz'sPinkNails said...

ya its so pretty! im just sad you cant see the green reflection it shows too:(. Thanks olivia:)

Sandra said...

This is so cute. :)