Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/23/11 Haul

This is my Saturday haul i did at Ulta with the 20% off my entire purchase:) So about three of theses (Two OPI and 1 Zoya ) were a clearance item and each of them were $4.99. I had bought two OPIs originally but Ulta has a sale where when you spend $17.00 on regular priced OPI you get either a free top or base coat or one of the 4 new polishes from the Shimmer collection or something i cant really remember but i didn't know that until i went up to the register so i went back and got blue one you see in the middle which ill introduce you to:)

So here are the OPIs i got from left to right we have "Ogre-the-top blue"(Shrek Collection), "Pink a Doodle", "Im a Aqua-Holic", "I Juggle...Men", and "Cozu- Melted In The Sun"
My Zoyas i got are from Left to right "Stacy" and "Phoebe"

I Love Matte!!! Now i originally went in to just get OPIs because it was a sale and i could get more and found the sad collection they had at my Ulta and cried but was happy that i found the three Matte zoya i wanted but i didn't get the other two. i will but not on this trip next trip:)
So til next time:) BYE!


thenailaholic said...

Nice! I wish I had an Ulta close, I want the exclusive summer OPI set! lol

Liz'sPinkNails said...

@thenailaholic: That sucks you dont have one close:( please tell me its not that far away:(. Well we are lucky here too because about 4 years ago we would have never had it only sally's but we got a mall because we are supposedly submerging with other cities in Arizona.

Nailderella said...

gorgeous haul!