Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So as you all know i been using my Tablet my amazing boyfriend got me for Christmas. I have to say it has been a blast to use it and interesting. Because it is Android tablet the possibilities are so endless. I really like the pad so i decided to do a dedication post to my tablet! ha. In all honestly if you have one what is the one thing you love it for? Not only do i do my post on it but my homework and taking notes in class even scheduling my days.

Well I'm sorry my post wasn't nail polish related. I figured i would show you guys what i been raving about every time i post. I haven't been able to do my nails because of work and school and sleep. But it has also been so cold!!!!! I'm in Arizona! and we have been having a freeze warning for the last 4 days i believe and my apartment is not on. As a striving college student.....its one of the ways we save money ha. but who knows i may turn it on today because its supposed to get in the 20s tonight.....that never happens!!!! I'm not used to those temperatures!!! I walk to school Tues and Thurs......i cant do it!!!!!

well anyways i hope to do them tonight of tmr before work so when i do  i will be sure to take pics and post:) so until then...i leave you with pictures of my cool tablet:).

Later friends
<3 Liz

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Kirsten said...

Fancy tablet! And it has been freakin' freezing!