Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Haul in Many Months!

Well since moving to my apartment in August, i have not bought any polish since. I really wasn't feeling it. Granted most of my depression was with all the issues of moving and transferring jobs from one i deeply loved to a foreign one i was so miserable at. Now Now i could just have pull myself back up and got into it and realized hey its life it happens. But it wasn't the fact that i left a amazing team it was that everything i had learned and took pride in those 4 years.....the new team didn't have the same view. I cant stand people who force a smile, or who don't care, or people who are all about drama. I hated that when i was given hours, i was never told good job even when i was the one working my butt off.....

I don't understand how i got off on that huge tangent....ANYWAYS!!!

Life is good again and i finally got my Zoya polishes i ordered when they had there free three polishes if you pay for shipping which was $10!!!! a steal!!! So since i had the opportunity to get three i had to think hard! I didn't want to get glitters because well lets be honest....I'M A GLITTER FREAK!! i love glitter and i have so much when i shouldn't because as we all know its a butt to get off. I don't care though. Anyways!! So i was looking for like a dark blueish grey mix because i realized i don't have any similar to what i was looking for. A gold was another one. The last i just got on a whim because i can never have too many ranges of pink ;)

So here they are ladies!!! please can i get a drum roll!!!!

Til Next Time
<3 Liz

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