Friday, January 11, 2013

Full Glitter!!

Well GUYS!!! i'm so far on a roll. I mean two post in a row with no like 20 in between!!! lol sorry I'm just excited. Alot happened after my post yesterday...First, My birthday is coming up. February 4th to be exact and my boyfriend.......crazy that he is....he really spoils me. I mean too much. First i may say I'm not one of those girls who ask for a lot i'm very simple. I'm one of the girls who when someone gives me a gift, its really the thought that counts. I mean if you and i had a inside joke with a ...oh idk.......a spoon and you got me a spoon for my bday...i would cry and give you the biggest hug. There is things in my life that i would love to have but i never ask for because i rather work hard for it then put that pressure on you...does that make since?

Well ANYWAYS!! he is the guy who loves to make me happy. He knows I'm simple but he doesn't like to just give me simple...he rather take my breath away....hence the tablet for Christmas. Well when we got home he wanted to go out so we did and he ended up taking me to Best Buy to get me the Keyboard connection to my beautiful guess what I'm using haha. I need to get used to it because it is smaller than the average laptop but I'm so excited!!! now i can take my tablet to school and leave my laptop at home.

ANYWAYS!! to my post today.....enough about my boring self. I been really wanting to do a all glitter Mani.....its going to suck to take it off :(. I been seeing a lot of customers come in to my store with a gorgeous glitter of like a soft gold of silver and i been so jealous. So i decided to do one. Mind you i only used like a L.A. Colors silver and a nail art brush black for the polish but all you see is just the glitter so enjoy!!!!

Til next time Ladies...
<3 Liz

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Kirsten said...

How fun is that! Love the mani!