Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh School AGAIN!!

Well if you haven't noticed started up again....that means back to the late nights, no rest, hard at just working, and freezing walks.....O_O.

Well i been meaning to post. I had a Mani before but i never had a chance to take pictures so i was forced to let them chip away. But i got a chance to take a picture a couple days ago of my Mani now and since I'm currently waiting for my next class to start....Yea CONGRESS!!.....i joke really...i figured ill post it now...sad part....I forgot the name of the polishes....i have a horrible memory...

But oh well at lease i get a post. Most of you will know it because it was one of the Hunger Games polishes and the gold used in today's post was i believe a 2011 Christmas polish......... i think.

ANYWAYS!!! here it is ladies!!!

Using my cool app on my Tablet again to make this awesome tower of Greatness!!!

I originally got the idea from i believe a brides magazine advertising i believe some new duo polish contraption and they had these similar colors so i wanted to do it myself:).

So there ya go ladies...Please enjoy. If your dying to know what exact polishes i used...please comment....its the best way i can remember to post about it ha.

Well until next time....STAY WARM!!!

see ya soon!!

<3 Liz

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