Friday, December 7, 2012

It's OVER!!!!!!! Giveaway CLOSED!!

Well something better than this semester ending........My Contest is over!!!!! I reached 100 followers!! any wow i feel horrible for it. My blog has really just been sitting here, so sad:(. And it has been gaining and loosing followers. But ya it sucks but oh well. LIFE HAPPENS!!

As you all may remember i had mentioned me moving up north for school because i had just got my Associates and was moving on to bigger and better things know as a University and living on my own (well with my boyfriend and his sister). This is my first semester her and it kicked my butt!!!! I pretty much failed a class (saying this without really seeing my final grade). I hated that class and i cant wait to take it with a better prepared teacher. No offense i understand PHD grades and how they aren't totally great the first year but this guy was ridiculous!!!

Enough about him because i can seriously go allllllllllll DAY!! my boyfriend will tell you i can because poor thing has to hear it from me crying in frustration to wanting to punch a whole in the wall.

ANYWAYS!!! We got off to a rocky start up here. My boyfriend and I had amazing job that would sustain our living when we moved but we had to transfer to closer one.....well....i got to transfer and they promised me enough hours.....but when i got here....boy did they lie. I went like a month with no hours or at lease 4 hours in a month. My poor family had to help me pay rent and bills. I thank god for them. Then my boyfriend.....ugh just call him Jeffrey ha ha. Jeffrey tried to call his job and they had no job for him....poor thing was miserable.

No worries though!! Eventually i got a better job that i love soooo much and get way more hours and he got a great job as well with more hours than me!! So we have finally gotten back on our feet. Since mid November we been doing great!!

The downside.....with all the depression of the crap that went on....i rarely did my nails....if i did it was a solid color....if i was more excited it would be a solid and a glitter. I HAVE NOT bought polishes or nail art since AUGUST!! So I'm SOOOO behind in the nail world.:(. Every time i see pictures of girls nails with this pretty polish I'm like "OMG WHEN DID THAT COME OUT!??!!?" and they be like "WOW this is old like September!" :( sad stuff guys.

But I'm getting back into it. I want to do a lot during my winter break because I'm taking more classes this next semester with a class starting half way through next semester.

BUT WITH THE GIVEAWAY!!! Today I'm going to look through all the data and pick someone today so tomorrow i would like to announce the winner! I'm so excited!! along with the winner, i want to show a picture of the updated gift as well. So Keep your fingers crossed!!! Hope i can stay back for you all.

I also want to try doing Vlogs (video blogs) for you guys too because i feel it will help me when I'm in school. So let me know guys!! let me know!!

Love you guys!!!!

Til next time!
-Liz :)

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Kirsten said...

You are back! Yippee! Can't wait to see more! :)