Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Delayed post...

Hey guys !!
This weekend my family and i took a little vacation before school starts up again and i move away. So i couldn't really blog because we left Friday. I had did a Mani but it came out okish but not good enough to post:). But i broke some nails and i couldn't change them til yesterday. Then i came back on Sunday night exhausted. Then money... -_-... This week is not even over and it feels so long!!!! here is what happen so far...

Monday: my tire popped off my car while i was driving!! i was driving to work but by the time we were done with the whole was 12 and i would have just gotten off of work. If your really interested ill do a post on it because its terribly long story:(.

Tue: My accelerator messed up and my car was going all kind of crazy when i burly pressed on the gas and when i put it in park.

Wed: well today....i had my older brother take me to work and pick me up because honestly i don't want to drive that car anymore and i don't want it..
so today my mother and father are doing everything they can to get a new one.

Its been a bad week but I'm a Christian and i know i have my trials. I'm very thankful for god protecting me because after all i heard what could have happen...i know if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be here now. Then I'm thankful for the people he put in my life because they kept me sane and fixed the problems.

So no worries I will be blogging tmr. Just really been a busy couple days:/. But just to note i wont be blogging on the weekends. I need days off to renew myself:). and soon for homework time:).

That's all i just wanted to let you guys in the loop:)
<3 Liz

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