Tuesday, December 11, 2012

IMPRESSive Leopard

Happy Tuesday!!!

Well this week has been a crappy week so far. I have a full schedule this week!! That's not the crappy part either. I work about 36 hours this week and my only days off are Tue and Thur, that's so not the crappy part either. Then i have my finals this week, thanking god that only two are online and are due by Saturday and next Tuesday, once again...not the crappy part..

The crappy part.....is what has been happening to me at work...nothing too bad but just unlucky. First a guy had called my work after i had cashed him out hours before claiming i hadn't put his item in the bag when i was sure i had....after video review it was confirmed i had indeed put it in the bag therefore the guy had probably lost it when it was in his possession.......O_O

Then yesterday my drawer was short $50 bucks!!!! WTF!!!!! how does that happen!!! I don't even know how that could have happened:(. Still don't know what happened but i cant loose my job.....i need to pay bills...and i finally just got a great job that i love:(.

So ya just been a busy week.:( Pray for me guys or send happy thoughts my way!

ANYWAYS!!! to my post today...thank you for listening:). In a rush one day for work..i noticed my polish was chipping bad and i didn't have time to paint them and let them dry, let alone take the "Glitter" polish off....no time..

So i remembered the Impress nails a long while ago because after seeing the first commercial of these beauties i thought hey why not try. So i got them....

Overall.....I love them!!! They are great emergency nails. The only thing i didn't like about them were the fact that they don't have a good range or sizes so it can be a little too short or little too long....granted that is the case for normally just 1 or two nails. But i think they are great for just an emergency. I got a lot of complements on them and I'm sure the ladies that liked them, they will be heading to the nearest drug store for them. I also heard they look like gel nails, which I'm a huge fan of, so i was happy.

So let me finally show you some pictures....

So here are what the boxes look like if you didn't know. The front of the bottle actually has like a display of a set but i threw it away before taking a picture.....sorry...

 As you can see my natural nails were a little longer on some than others....sorry again ha ha....we don't judge here right? ha ha.

 This was another bugger...the fact that there is a gap sucks when you happen to get things stuck in them...but other than that the sticky that keeps them there is amazing!! and it covers a good majority of the nails.

This is what i meant about the sizing....they don't quit cover the whole nail...but still good for emergency.

So i had put these on before i had gotten ready for work. so i had them on while doing my hair and makeup and even washing my hands...and they stayed on through it on. I wore them for a good two days doing everything i normally do so overall great product...i totally recommend them :).

Til next time guys...

Later :)
-Liz <3

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Kirsten said...

Good thing they are sticky because that gap is annoying! :)