Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Green leopard?

So i finally got my stamper so today was all about having fun with my plates. One thing i couldn't wait to play with was my leopard plate:) So i had to try. not the pics will show messiness but hey practice makes perfect so im sure after months of playing with it ill get better:). Hope you enjoy.

This is the supplies i used:). My MASH plate, my stamper and scrapper, and my sinful colors "Out of this World".

The pink circle shows you the Design i chose, the leopard.

Remeber: not all plates have visible seals on them. Some may be clear. Just remember to take them off before use.

Yes its messy but this is the first time i used stamping. but this was different.

After cleaning the mess. And i put on the top coat as well which it made it look nicer:)

So there it is:). Comment :)

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